Friday, 28 April 2017

This Weeks Fave Finds

Happy Friday friends! Sharing some of my fave finds from this week and I hope you all have a lovely weekend!
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Lauren Elizabeth

Thursday, 27 April 2017

One Room Challenge Boys Bedroom- Week 4

I can't believe there is only one more update until the reveal!! Like what the heck this challenge always flies by. Week ones post is where I shared the space, week two I discussed the design plans, week 3 was a couple updates and now here we are, week 4. This week a lot of things started to come together in the space however we are waiting on one major thing and that is the feature wall. I am hoping that we can get started on that by the end of this week early next week because that is stressing me out haha.
The rug by Nuloom arrived this week and oh my goodness I am drooling over how pretty it is in person! It is the perfect pile to layer over carpet and gives such a cushy feel under foot. The colour is amazing and will be great for disguising wear and tear because the background colour is a soft grey. And can we just talk about that pattern? It's just perfect, the scale the variation- I am obsessed with this rug. I can't wait to see how things are once I layer in other textiles- I am still waiting on the bedding to arrive which is a fun buffalo print plaid. I really wanted to play with pattern mixing in baby L's room to keep things feeling fun and youthful.

Also you can tell by the top picture that these adorable and I mean adorable little Hazel Village critters arrived this week as well. They are so sweet and the boys are in love with them. They came packaged in these cute little bags with a scent pack inside and they are just perfect for his little room and tie in with the theme we have going on.
Lastly we have his little dresser all set up and filled with his clothes and also the wood tripod lamp in there. The room is looking so sweet already and we don't even have the feature wall or art and styling done yet!!

To do list:
-big boy bed
-figure out dresser
-art and frames
-toy organization
-feature wall
-overall design

Stay tuned for next week and if you want to check out all of the other participants click here!

Lauren Elizabeth

Wednesday, 26 April 2017

5 Great Etsy Finds

One of my favourite things to do is cruise around on Etsy and find cool, unique shops and share them with you guys! I love using Etsy for different projects because it gives you the chance to find things that are a little more interesting and can really bring a curated look to a space. Today I wanted to share the latest 5 shops that I have discovered and feel have some great pieces! I hope you enjoy :)

Lauren Elizabeth

Monday, 24 April 2017

Simple Supper

Well happy Monday lovely blog readers! I am so excited about today's post because I get a lot of questions from you guys about different meal ideas when your a busy mom.

 Let me first start off by saying that every meal does not look like this and there are definitely times where I just don't have the energy to prepare something nutritious.

However when I do I am all about finding simpler ways to make something that's fast but also healthy!
One of my go to's for lunch's and dinners is a salad and I don't know about you guys but I love a salad that is a little more hearty to keep me feeling full for longer. I was excited when Miscela (pronounced Mishk-ella) reached out to me asking if I wanted to try some of their mixtures which are made up of all natural garden veggies, fruits, herbs and spices. They come in 5 flavors and I have seen them at Sobey's but had never tried them before and let me say guys...they are sooo good! Ok so for this recipe you will need:

*Sliced chicken breast (I love getting the precooked stuff you can keep in the fridge)
*Miscela in any flavor (I used Sun Dried Tomato here)
*Olive oil (optional)

First up if you don't own a rice cooker you need one asap! They are life changing and I use ours a ton for cooking rice and quinoa. I put the quinoa in with a couple scoops of the Sun Dried Tomato mixture and let it cook away I find doing this helps liven up the quinoa and keeps it from being bland. Then just prepare your salad as normal, spinach, chopped cucumber add your quinoa then place your chicken breast on the top with a couple scoops of the Miscela and I added a drizzle of olive oil but that is totally optional. It is so good and filling and perfect for the busy mom on the go- I am loving this Sun Dried Tomato flavor but the Olive mixture is also delicious on the salad because I tried that as well!

I hope you all give this salad a try and believe me when I say this is one of my simple go to's!

Lauren Elizabeth
This post was sponsored by Derlea Miscela but all opinions are my own!


Thursday, 20 April 2017

One Room Challenge Boys Bedroom Week 3

Well here we are, week three and I have to say, I am starting to feel a little panicked haha. We are half way through this challenge and I still feel like there is a lot to be done! In case you are just joining in now you can check out weeks one post here where I shared some before photos of the space, and week two here where I talked about the design for the room! Now as for progress, the tree decals on the feature wall came down- why you ask? Because something cool is happening on that wall, something really cool that I can't tell you yet! So here is a picture of that main wall looking all empty and bare and boring...
Now moving on to prettier things, these gorgeous pillows from Girliture arrived and they are so perfect! They offer so many fun prints and patterns and you can customise things to your liking. I had this tribal print done on a navy pillow and the other print on white and they are sooo fun! I can't wait to style them in the room.
Also the rocking chair that I ordered arrived and I got it all set up and I am obsessed!! It is so cute and just the perfect little chair for his room. The boys are in love with it and it is actually really comfortable which is perfect for bottles and stories.
Finally, I made this adorable little mountain bunting banner for one of the walls in his room. I wanted something fun and that took up some visual space since the wall by his bed is long and this turned out perfect. I saw a bunch on Etsy but they were quite expensive so I just made my own and I am pretty happy with it!
I am waiting on a lot of things to arrive in the mail so be sure to check back next week to see how things are coming along! A big thank you to Linda at Calling it Home for hosting this fun event and if you want to check out some of the other participants click here!

To Do List:
*Big Boy Bed 
*Figure out dresser situation
*Art and frames
*Lamp for dresser
*Toy Organisation
*Overall design
Lauren Elizabeth 


Thursday, 13 April 2017

One Room Challenge Week 2- Boys Bedroom

Well it's week two of the One Room Challenge and I am already feeling nervous at how fast the past week went by. I wanted to share the mood board I created for Logan's space and how we are wanting his room to feel. The goal is for it to be a space that can transition with him as he grows so I knew I wanted to bring in more artwork. The key has been finding pieces that are fun or interesting to look at but also feel a little more grown up. He loves animals and the outdoors so I thought going with sort of a buffalo/desert feel would be perfect!

I think it's always important when trying to design a child's room that you keep things light and easy so that the room is still a restful space for them, and not too stimulating for when you are trying to encourage wind down time. I am so happy with how the board is looking and although a few things may get tweaked, this is the vibe we are going for!

Check back next week for more updates and be sure to check out all the other contestants here!
Lauren Elizabeth
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