Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Room's We Love Tour

Hello friends and welcome to the "Rooms We Love" blog hop!! I am so excited to be partaking in this  home tour series with so many amazing women that inspire me so much. If you are hoping over from Haneen's Haven welcome to House of Hire :) Today I am sharing our family room because this room is pretty much the centre of our home. We spend so much time here watching movies, playing games and making memories so it is definitely one of the rooms in our home that I really love.

Finding that balance between functional and pretty is always a goal of mine and of course, child friendly. This room has evolved over the years and I am so happy with where it's at now in terms of meeting all of our family's needs. Our homes are always a work in progress and slow design is the best design in my opinion because it really allows you to take your time making decisions on things so that you will love them for years to come. Ok so let's get rolling shall we?




Your next stop is Valerie Wheeler Interiors and boy are you going to love her home! Be sure to check out all the other lovely ladies as well!



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Monday, 12 February 2018

Master Bedroom Refresh With Homesense

I am so excited about today's post that I have been struggling to not show you every single detail along the way in order to still keep some element of surprise. So, you all know how much I love a good Homesense find so I am absolutely thrilled to be partnered with them for this master bedroom refresh. With spring hopefully right around the corner I always find myself wanting to freshen things up and lose some of the winter heaviness that we can bring into our home design. However,  it is still going to be Winter for a little longer and we are often spending more time inside so it's a great opportunity to switch things up in your home and give your space a new look.

One of the main things I wanted to update in our master bedroom was the nightstands. Although I enjoyed the ones we had, we got them many years ago and our needs have changed since then. I really wanted something with a bit more storage. I spend a lot of time working in the bedroom and also reading and wanted something that could house a lot of those items when they weren't in use. Well friends Homesense did not let me down, I just about passed out with excitement when I spotted these two wooden nightstands with a black metal base and this beautiful white carving detail throughout. I am not remotely exaggerating when I say these are my DREAM nightstands.

The nightstands also feel so much more size appropriate for our king sized bed, so naturally with nightstands checked off the list I needed some new lamps. Lighting is such an important part of any room in your home and although I adored the brass ones we had I wanted something that would give a bit more light and was larger in size. I spotted these brass geometric table lamps with a crisp white shade and knew they would be perfect. Their scale was just right for the nightstands and they felt light and airy in appearance. Most importantly I feel like they really compliment the nightstands and don't compete with the beautiful detailing in the wood.

Shall we talk about the bed? In my opinion there is nothing better then crisp white bedding, it just freshens up a room like nothing else! I knew I wanted a new white duvet cover set and you just can't beat the prices on bedding that Homesense has- this whole king set was under $100. I really wanted to keep accent pillows to a minimum this go around in the bedroom because often I am making the bed in a hurry and I love the simplicity of just throwing one oversized lumbar on. The tribal pattern on this pillow just gives me life! The blushes paired with the blues is such a classic combo and I love how it feels feminine and masculine at the same time- perfect for the master bedroom right?! And of course I can't talk about the bed and not mention that stunner of a blanket. This oversized chunky knit throw was just waiting in the textile section for me and I swooped it up so quick I think I startled the person standing behind me.

Ok, so you know I always say design is in the details and all the decor on both nightstands is from Homesense along with the ones on the dresser (minus the diffuser). I used one of our old lamps on the dresser as well and brought in lots of warmth and texture with baskets and greenery.

I wanted to freshen up the art in the space so I added two frames on the wall where I used to have my fig tree and swapped out the art in the other frames with some pretty decals I had left over from a project with Urban Walls. I am really loving how the botanicals look framed and they are a nice classic watercolour so they don't compete with anything else in the room.

Well there you have it! A bedroom refresh that involved keeping most of my existing large pieces of furniture and just swapping out accessories and textiles. I am really loving how the wood brings in great warmth and this room now feels complete! I hope it's inspired you to cozy up a room in your home.

Kind thoughts,
Lauren Elizabeth
This post was in partnership with Homesense Canada. As always all opinions expressed are my own and thank you for supporting this blog.


Thursday, 8 February 2018

Because We Could All Use A Little More Sleep

Today we are talking all things sleep- in children that is. I don't know about you guys but in our house everyone is happier when everyone is sleeping well. Often as parents we are so tired all the time from our responsibilities and running a home that we can get focused on how sleep deprived we are. However sleep is just as important for our children, after all, their little bodies are doing so much growing and developing along with their brain so a good night's sleep couldn't be more important.

Ok, so you know that last year we teamed up with Leesa Mattress for a mattress for our bed and it has seriously been so amazing, we still love it and you can check out that post here if your interested! So you can imagine my excitement when we partnered up again for 2 twin mattresses for the boys. One of my favourite things about the Leesa (aside from the fact that it is incredibly comfortable and feels like its cradling your every move) is that it has the most beautiful, soft cover on it so that laundry day always looks good. Those grey and white stripes look so pretty I always hate putting the sheets back on. Another amazing thing about the Leesa mattress is that you order it online and it is delivered right to your front door in a box. Yes, you read that right- a box. Their mattresses come vacuum sealed and I have to say it is so cool when you unroll it and cut the wrapping off to watch your mattress literally expand to full size right before your eyes. The boys absolutely loved this part! Not to mention it makes getting your mattress into your room a breeze which is important to us since we have a tall staircase.

The boys got their new mattresses about a month ago and have been sleeping amazing on them. I have specifically noticed a difference in my youngest son who is 2 and was actually sleeping on a temporary mattress that wasn't the best quality. Since we put his Leesa on his bed he has been sleeping in an extra 45 minutes in the morning which can I just get an AMEN.  I would have taken an extra 10 minutes so needless to say I know he is sleeping much better on his new, supportive mattress. As a mom it makes be feel really good knowing that both of my boys are resting on such a good quality and supportive mattress as they continue to grow and develop.

If you have been thinking about ordering one please know that I never endorse a product that I don't truly love and use and we really do love our Leesa mattresses here in the Hire house!

For $130cad off your mattress use code "HOUSEOFHIRE" on Leesa Canada!!

For $100usd off your mattress use code "HOUSEOFHIRE" on Leesa US!!

Kind thoughts,
Lauren Elizabeth
Disclosure: Leesa® provided a free product for us to review. However all opinions stated here are my own.


Monday, 5 February 2018

How To Paint Your Kitchen Island in 6 Easy Steps

Hello lovely blog readers! Today we are going to be chatting about the kitchen and ways that you can update your this space to make it feel more unique and special to you. A lot of times when it comes to the kitchen we kind of get this all or nothing mentality where we think there isn't much we can do to change things unless we want to do a renovation of some sort. However, there are so many things that you can do to update this space and inject personality into it without breaking the bank!

I partnered up with Kent which is an amazing Atlantic Canadian company with a community focused mindset and a place where I have been shopping for years! Like for real guys, I have been shopping at Kent for as long as I can remember. We teamed up for their online series #loveyourspace and we also filmed a video you can check out here!

So one of the easiest ways you can update your kitchen is to switch out your sink and faucet. This is such an simple piece to upgrade and you will be shocked by how just changing out this one fixture will go in terms of making your whole space appear more updated. As soon as I saw this Blanco composite granite sink I fell in love, it's white and brightening and when paired with this modern Delta faucet in matte black it just feels fresh, clean and very modern farmhouse. I love how making this one change has completely transformed the look of my kitchen.

Another simple weekend project is to paint your island. I have been getting so many questions from you all about my newly painted kitchen island and let me just say guys, this was such an easy, inexpensive project that only took two days to do! And when it comes to creating impact in your space there are very few things that will give you the impact at the price point that paint does.

You will need:

  • Small mohair roller (ensures a smooth even finish)
  • High quality angled brush 
  • Small roller
  • Small paint tray
  • Fine grain block hand sander
  • Painters tape
  • Strong adhesion primer 
  • Hard enamel paint

STEP 1- Clean

The first and probably the most important step is to take your island apart, remove the hardware and give everything a really good clean. When working in the kitchen there are lots of spills and messes so you want to make sure your cabinets are free of any dirt and food residue.

STEP 2- Sweep

Next you want to make sure you always sweep along the perimeter of whatever you are painting. This is often a forgotten step but trust me, the last thing you want is food crumbs on the floor being dragged up through your paint job when you take your brush and roller down to paint the base of your island.

STEP 3- Tape

Next you want to tape off everywhere that you don't want to mistakenly get paint. Think the base of the floor, between cabinets and on the interior portion of your drawers.

STEP 4- Prime

Now that you have completed all the prep work (thank goodness right?!) it's time to start priming! There are so many great bonding primers out there now that really save you from having to sand everything down and they give you great adhesion to ensure your paint sticks.

STEP 5- Sand

Once your primer dries you want to do a light sanding with a fine grain hand sand block to get rid of any drip marks or brush strokes. This step is really important and ensures you get a smooth finish. Make sure you wipe down everything with a damp cloth after you do your light sanding to remove any dust that was left behind on your cabinets.

STEP 6- Paint

Now you are finally ready to paint! You want to look for a strong enamel paint that is going to give you a nice hard finish. I chose to go with a satin finish paint and I used the colour Benjamin Moore "Kendall Charcoal", I love how rich and soft a shade of grey it is and it's a nice contrast with the rest of the white cabinetry. After you first coat dries you want to make sure you do another light sanding, wipe your surface with a damp cloth and then do your second coat. Voila!! Now you can enjoy your beautiful new painted island! Remember it takes paint about 30 days to fully cure so you want to make sure you take it easy until it fully sets.

 I hope you enjoyed this simple tutorial and be sure to check out the video segment I did for Kent's #loveyourspace series and follow them on Facebook and Instagram :)

Kind thoughts,
Lauren Elizabeth

*This post is in partnership with Kent Building Supplies. Thank you for supporting this blog the brands I choose to work with.
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