Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Designing With Neutrals

It's no surprise here that I am a lover of whites and a neutral colour palette. I love to inject colour and pattern into a room for seasonal changes but I always stick to a neutral base which helps keep your options open. Today I thought I would share some beautiful neutral pieces that are the perfect layers to start off your space. I am really loving the combination of warmer tones with rustic elements and I feel like it creates the ultimate cozy, curated look but also still feels light and bright.


Friday, 19 May 2017

Stikwood Feature Wall

I am so excited to share some more details about the amazing feature wall in Logan's room from the One Room Challenge. I have been receiving so many questions about it and I'm glad everyone likes it so much! The rustic wood wall is by Stikwood and let me tell you guys, this was such a simple yet high impact project! I am in love with the distressed, rustic feel that it brings to the space and installation was a breeze. I have to say though, I had some shots of the wall being installed and they got deleted from my camera so alas I am going to have to make due with what I have! But honestly it was so straight forward and I got 90% of the wall finished in 2 hours.
The finish that we chose is called "Hampton's" and it is a beautiful soft white that has some variation in it. They have tons of different wood colours to pick from ranging from light to dark so there is something for everyone. There are nicks, nail holes and knots to give the wood a lived in feel and it looks so good. I was a little surprised when it arrived because they actually send you all kind of different sizes of planks so it really helps cut down on the cuts you need to do to finish the wall. I was able to find so many pieces that fit smaller edge areas that I would say all in all we only had to do about 10 cuts when we were done for edge pieces. For all the cuts we used a hand saw and it was pretty easy to cut through so no need for big fancy tools!
Stikwood is real wood that is thinly cut and has three adhesive strips on the back. All you do to apply is pull off the strips, place it on the wall and then use a roller and apply pressure over it to make sure it adheres good. You want to make sure you use a level to get your first piece straight and then you just apply the following pieces in a staggered pattern so your seams are mis-matched up the wall.  Like I said, sooo easy!

We are so thrilled with how this turned out and I can't believe how quick it was to complete, I am such a "I want a project done as soon as I start to do it" type of girl so this was a dream terms of how quick it took! I hope you guys enjoyed this up close look at the wall and if you are looking for a high impact, simple installation project, this product is definitely for you!
Lauren Elizabeth
Stikwood provided us with this product however all opinion are my own.


Thursday, 18 May 2017

Quick & Simple Lunch

Well I am back with another mom friendly/you don't really have much time to make yourself something to eat(what's new) kinda meal. As I always say I am all about simplicity when it comes to food and this definitely fits into that category. I will typically make this for lunch but you could definitely do it for a quick dinner if you wanted! I have been loving the Miscela (pronounced Mishk-ella) mixtures which are a combination of veggies, fruits, herbs and spices! The Miscela spreads come in 5 different flavour combinations and today I used the Sweet Pepper one. It is so tasty but if peppers aren't your thing you could also use the Olive or Sun Dried Tomato which are my other two favourites! You can find these mixtures at Sobey's and they are such a simple way to bump up the flavour in an otherwise basic meal. All you need for this recipe is:

*whole wheat english muffin
*small can flavoured tuna (I used olive oil infused)
*light mayo (you could use a mustard too)
*miscela mixture (sweet pepper)

I feel like this meal is pretty self explanatory but for the recipes sake first pop your english muffin into the toaster and once it's golden brown take it out and spread a light amount of mayo on it. Then place some spinach over that and take the tuna out of the can and place it over the top. Garnish with a dollop of Miscela and your all set! It's so easy and straight forward but so tasty guys, I hope you try it.

Lauren Elizabeth

This post was sponsored by Derlea Miscela as always all opinions are my own.


Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Home Envy

So lately I have been loving the warm yet clean look of coastal, modern, rustic interiors. I find these types of spaces to be so refreshing and just clean feeling. One of my fave designers Amber Interior Design shared this reveal of a home she worked on and guys, this is perfection to me. I love everything about this home, the colours, textures, simple palette and how everything just seems to have a place. So grab a hot bevy and prepare to start drooling over this beyond gorgeous home.

Like can we all just agree hello perfection! I am so inspired by this space and find it to be so calming (something us parents need as much of as we can get haha). I hope all you enjoyed this major home envy!

Lauren Elizabeth 


Monday, 15 May 2017

One Room Challenge Source List

I want to thank everyone for their sweet words on the reveal of Logan's bedroom last week. It was truly a labor of love and is such a special place for him now. As promised today I am sharing a complete source list of where things are from so if your interested you can shop the look! Unfortunately there are some pieces that are no longer available for purchase but I tried to find similar items. I also have a post coming this week talking all about that amazing shiplapped wall so stay tuned for the install post.

 Rug | Accent Wood Wall | Bedding | Throw Pillows  | Hazel Village Critters

I find the key to really pulling a space together is to plan plan plan! This will really help you narrow down what you are wanting in the space and the look you are going for. As I said in my previous reveal post I really wanted a rustic, desert boy vibe, something that could grow with him and that was also soft and inviting- I also wanted it to be a restful space for him at the end of the day( I know, tall order right?!). I feel like the room truly represents him and we love the finished result so much! Happy Shopping :)

Lauren Elizabeth

This post contains affiliate links and gifted product. As always, all opinions are my own and thank you for supporting this blog!


Thursday, 11 May 2017

Modern Rustic Boys Bedroom- One Room Challenge THE REVEAL

Well it's here, it's finally here! I can't believe that it is actually reveal day and my little boy's room is complete. I have to say, this journey had its doubts and there were times I wasn't sure if it was going to be finished on time. But everything came together in the end and to say I am in love with how it all turned out would be an understatement! So without further ado let's go inside..
There are a couple of key elements that I feel really make this space, first being the Stikwood rustic shiplapped accent wall. This wall is in the Hamptons finish and guys... I am dying over this and can't believe how easy it was to install and how beautiful it looks. I actually have a whole post coming soon on the process so stay tuned for that! The second thing is definitely the Nuloom Blythe rug, I am in looooove with this rug, the pattern, pile everything is just perfect and it has such a nice grounding effect in the room.
The little rocker in the room with the side table and floor lamp looks so cozy and is the perfect spot to grab a book and snuggle or to give my little one a bottle. It's nice having a smaller scale rocker in the space now that we are out of the nursing and rocking to sleep phase because it allows for more play room but still also provides another seat in the space. The throw pillows are from Girliture along with the printed pillow on the bed and they are just the perfect touch to the space. Textiles always warm up a room and these particular prints look so great with the other patterns in the room and bring in a nice cozy layer.
The little dresser by his bed is one that I chalk painted a light gray and added new black hardware to. It is such an ideal size for beside the bed but also provides adequate for clothing, diapers, wipes etc. He also has a very large closet so that houses a lot of his clothing and larger toys. 
All the art in his room looks so pretty and these green cactus prints add such a fun pop of colour and also go with our desert/outdoorsy theme we have going on. I love how they help break up the wall and frame in the reading/play area. 
Of course you all know how much I love displaying books on the walls in kids rooms so of course that feature was staying in the space. But I just love how the new art hung in a unique shape really switches up the whole feel of the area from when it was set up as his nursery.
And I mean can we just talk about these Hazel Village critters on the shelf!? They are so darling and plush and I just love how they look in the space. This is Max the raccoon and we have Reginald the fox on the bed which is equally as sweet!
Also...this buffalo print over the bed is just amazing!! I am so obsessed with it and how it is the first thing you see when you go to his room. Having a larger scale piece of art in a bedroom is such a great way to make a statement and keep things fun. His bed was just a simple pine bed that I painted white and then built an upholstered headboard for. I used fabric I had left over from the first One Room Challenge that I did last year which worked out well.
I made this adorable mountain bunting for the wall by his bed. It's great because it's light and simple but dresses up that long area of the wall. It was so easy to make and considering what the same thing was going for cost wise online I was quite pleased with my little project!
The decor and styling in his room is very simple because after all he is just turning two in a couple of weeks so I wanted it to still be a soft, cushy space for him to play and just act like the little boy he is. 

I hope you all enjoyed this reveal, as I said I am so in love with his new big boy room and seeing his face when he saw it all set up for the first time was just the sweetest moment. A big thank you to Linda over at Calling it Home for creating such a fun event and if you are just tuning in now you can check out the first 5 weeks of the challenge below. 

A big thank you to all the amazing brands I worked with for this space and I will be sharing a complete source list of the room on Monday!

Lauren Elizabeth

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