Friday, 18 May 2018

The Front Step Never Looked So Good

Well it's the end of another week. It is seriously so hard for me to believe that it is the middle of May. The month has been flying by and it's been so nice getting a taste of the warmer weather and getting outside of the house more. Speaking of outside the house do a lot of you guys have outdoor surveillance around your property? It's something I have always liked the idea of but have just never gotten around to getting them. So when Legrand the adorne collection reached out to me to see if I was interested in giving their video camera intercom doorbell a whirl I'm not going to lie guys- I was excited. I mean this seemed like such a simple way to dip my toes into having a camera outside and I have to say I have really been enjoying it!

One thing I loved right off the bat is how modern both the outdoor and indoor units look. They easily blend with decor and design which is always something I look for when it comes to tech products. I mean let's be real, nobody wants big old ugly camera or intercom unit that draws the eye. There are two ways you can install the adorne intercom kit, the first being to mount it with the existing wiring from your doorbell or it also comes with a battery pack so you can mount it on the centre of your door or anywhere you like.

I debated on where to put ours but ultimately it went where our old doorbell was since we had the wiring there. The kit comes with 1 indoor receiver however I got 2 where we spend a lot of time on our main level and the top level. It's perfect because we have one monitor on the kitchen counter right in the centre of the house and one in our bedroom upstairs. I am considering mounting the unit to the wall upstairs in the hallway but right now I have been liking it on the nightstand- it's perfect for seeing who is at the door when I can't get down there.

Another feature I really like is that there is a talk button on both units, so say your upstairs doing laundry (story of my life) or with the kids and a friend or family member pops over and rings the doorbell. Well normally I would annoyingly yell "come in" multiple times until they heard me if I couldn't get to the door. Well friends, with the talk button you can simply hit the button and tell them to come on in which I think is one of my favourite features. Plus the outdoor unit also has a message option which is super cool so if someone comes to your home and you aren't there they can actually leave a message for you through the doorbell unit, mind= blown right?!

You can select from so many doorbell sounds and also customize the colour on your screen which is a really nice feature as well. I have to say guys I have been so impressed with this little unit and considering how easy it was to install and set up it is a great way to get some added security at your front door without getting anything too complicated going on. Plus it looks a little fancy right?!

Kind thoughts,
Lauren Elizabeth

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Monday, 7 May 2018

How To Style Your Coffee Table

Hello lovely blog readers! I hope you all have been enjoying the warmer weather I know we sure have. It is so nice to be able to spend some time outdoors with the kids and not have to bundle them up in 100 layers haha. So today's post is a fun one, I wanted to talk about something I am frequently asked about and that is "how to style your coffee table". Now there are a lot of ways you can go about styling your coffee table however the first question I always ask clients is how are you looking to use it and if you have any limitations with pets or children.

The most important step is selecting a coffee table that is suitable for your family and lifestyle. If you are looking for something comfortable to put your feet up on you may want to go the ottoman route, if you have a lot of liner lines in the space you may want to opt for a circle or oval style. So figure out how you want to use a table and then move onto styling it. The coffee table I have pictured is from Wicker Emporium which is a really beautiful boutique like furniture store here on the East Coast. This table in particular really caught my eye, it's from the Aberdeen Suar Collection and it has this beautiful live edge and grain in it.

There are a few things I always keep in mind when I am styling coffee tables, a mix or heights, textures and layers keep your table looking fresh and interesting without being to over done. I love to have something for some height like a large vase, or something organic like a plant. I love having something sculptural which can be driftwood, a sculptural object layered over books etc. Finally I love having a bowl or tray to sort of corral those items that we need a place for, remotes, coasters etc.

I have put together some examples of ways you can style your table to hopefully inspire you and show you a variety of ways you can give the same table a different look by simply switching up the decor on it.



Kind thoughts,
Lauren Elizabeth

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Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Laundry Closet Reveal

Happy hump day lovely blog readers. I am so excited about today's post because I am sharing my little laundry closet design with you all! Now, we had a hiccup with the countertop so it's not installed however, I still really wanted to share this space with you all. I will update you once we get that in there but for now things are looking really pretty in there. Now first, off this is a super tiny laundry space but that doesn't mean it can't have an impact. I really wanted this to be a place that was happy and pretty and looked great when the doors are open and I am doing laundry. Just because you aren't working with a lot of space doesn't mean you can't have big design plans!

The show stopper is of course these A-mazing botanical wall decals from Urban Walls. Guys...seriously I died when I saw these and new they would be perfect for the high impact look I was going for. What I love about decals is that you can install them in so many different ways. I really wanted the laundry closet to pack a lot of punch since it's such a tiny area so I installed the decals closer together to really give that wallpaper effect but soooo much easier to install then wallpaper! They are this really beautiful water colour design that is hand painted by one of their artisans and I am so in love with how it turned out!

If you follow me on social media then you know back at Christmas we had to get a new washer dryer,  great timing right? Hey you just spent lot's of money for the holiday's and now you need a nice washer dryer set MERRRY CHRISTMAS. Anyway luckily with Boxing Day we were able to score a great deal and I am loving how bright and fresh the new white set looks. I kept things pretty minimal with decor in there as I really wanted to keep things functional where there isn't a ton of space. White wicker baskets are perfect for storing cleaning products, extra toilet paper and dryer sheets yet they still look organized and clean. Ok I will stop jibber jabbering and lets get into things, I hope you enjoy!

Kind thoughts,
Lauren Elizabeth

Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Room's We Love Tour

Hello friends and welcome to the "Rooms We Love" blog hop!! I am so excited to be partaking in this  home tour series with so many amazing women that inspire me so much. If you are hoping over from Haneen's Haven welcome to House of Hire :) Today I am sharing our family room because this room is pretty much the centre of our home. We spend so much time here watching movies, playing games and making memories so it is definitely one of the rooms in our home that I really love.

Finding that balance between functional and pretty is always a goal of mine and of course, child friendly. This room has evolved over the years and I am so happy with where it's at now in terms of meeting all of our family's needs. Our homes are always a work in progress and slow design is the best design in my opinion because it really allows you to take your time making decisions on things so that you will love them for years to come. Ok so let's get rolling shall we?




Your next stop is Valerie Wheeler Interiors and boy are you going to love her home! Be sure to check out all the other lovely ladies as well!



Rooms We Love Blogger Tour





Monday, 12 February 2018

Master Bedroom Refresh With Homesense

I am so excited about today's post that I have been struggling to not show you every single detail along the way in order to still keep some element of surprise. So, you all know how much I love a good Homesense find so I am absolutely thrilled to be partnered with them for this master bedroom refresh. With spring hopefully right around the corner I always find myself wanting to freshen things up and lose some of the winter heaviness that we can bring into our home design. However,  it is still going to be Winter for a little longer and we are often spending more time inside so it's a great opportunity to switch things up in your home and give your space a new look.

One of the main things I wanted to update in our master bedroom was the nightstands. Although I enjoyed the ones we had, we got them many years ago and our needs have changed since then. I really wanted something with a bit more storage. I spend a lot of time working in the bedroom and also reading and wanted something that could house a lot of those items when they weren't in use. Well friends Homesense did not let me down, I just about passed out with excitement when I spotted these two wooden nightstands with a black metal base and this beautiful white carving detail throughout. I am not remotely exaggerating when I say these are my DREAM nightstands.

The nightstands also feel so much more size appropriate for our king sized bed, so naturally with nightstands checked off the list I needed some new lamps. Lighting is such an important part of any room in your home and although I adored the brass ones we had I wanted something that would give a bit more light and was larger in size. I spotted these brass geometric table lamps with a crisp white shade and knew they would be perfect. Their scale was just right for the nightstands and they felt light and airy in appearance. Most importantly I feel like they really compliment the nightstands and don't compete with the beautiful detailing in the wood.

Shall we talk about the bed? In my opinion there is nothing better then crisp white bedding, it just freshens up a room like nothing else! I knew I wanted a new white duvet cover set and you just can't beat the prices on bedding that Homesense has- this whole king set was under $100. I really wanted to keep accent pillows to a minimum this go around in the bedroom because often I am making the bed in a hurry and I love the simplicity of just throwing one oversized lumbar on. The tribal pattern on this pillow just gives me life! The blushes paired with the blues is such a classic combo and I love how it feels feminine and masculine at the same time- perfect for the master bedroom right?! And of course I can't talk about the bed and not mention that stunner of a blanket. This oversized chunky knit throw was just waiting in the textile section for me and I swooped it up so quick I think I startled the person standing behind me.

Ok, so you know I always say design is in the details and all the decor on both nightstands is from Homesense along with the ones on the dresser (minus the diffuser). I used one of our old lamps on the dresser as well and brought in lots of warmth and texture with baskets and greenery.

I wanted to freshen up the art in the space so I added two frames on the wall where I used to have my fig tree and swapped out the art in the other frames with some pretty decals I had left over from a project with Urban Walls. I am really loving how the botanicals look framed and they are a nice classic watercolour so they don't compete with anything else in the room.

Well there you have it! A bedroom refresh that involved keeping most of my existing large pieces of furniture and just swapping out accessories and textiles. I am really loving how the wood brings in great warmth and this room now feels complete! I hope it's inspired you to cozy up a room in your home.

Kind thoughts,
Lauren Elizabeth
This post was in partnership with Homesense Canada. As always all opinions expressed are my own and thank you for supporting this blog.

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