Basement Renovation Design Plan Part 3- Gym/Playroom

Well it's hard to believe we are into August now,  this summer is flying by! Today is part 3 of the basement renovation design series, if you haven't checked out the other 2 posts about the family room and the bathroom you can click those links to have a peak! I have been partnered with Kent Building Supplies on this project and their install team has been the best to deal with. I feel like very seldom do you get all the way through a renovation and not have one bump in the road but this truly has been such a smooth process. Everything is well managed and organized which makes it stress free on my end and that is exactly how I like my home projects haha! Head to the Kent nearest you that has an install department and have a chat if there’s an area of your home that you are thinking about updating! They can answer all your questions and even come out and check out your space.
So today we are going to be talking all about the other side of the basement which is the gym/playroom combo! I kid you not I spent SO much time thinking about this side of the basement and how to make it the most functional for our family. This season of life for us involves lots of toys and kid messes and not much time to leave the house to head to the gym for a workout. I knew that there had to be a way to make this space work for the kids and for us. 

There isn't a window on this side of the basement so I needed to take that into consideration with lighting and how to keep the space feeling as bright as possible. A combination of pot lights and a centre light in the gym makes sure that there is even light in both rooms. I decided that having a double pocket door system between the gym and playroom was the perfect way to keep the rooms feeling spacious. The larger pocket doors allow the gym to feel open and airy when you are working out and also allows us to watch the kids at the same time! Then when we are done working out we can simply close the doors and the kids can't get in to the gym equipment. 

Spending time at the beginning of your project putting a lot of thought into every detail is what is going to ensure that you are happy with your space and you get the longevity out of your investment. I am so happy with how everything has come together and I can not wait to show you the reveals of these spaces! All the fixed finishes are linked below.

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Lauren Elizabeth 

This post is in partnership with Kent Building Supplies, thank you for supporting this blog and the brands I choose to work with. 

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