Basement Renovation Design Plan Part 2- The Bathroom

Things are moving right along with the basement renovation and this week they are tackling the bathroom. You guys, I have been dying to see this bathroom come to life- DYING. You know when you have this picture in your head of something and it starts to come to fruition and it's everything you could have hoped for and more? That is me, right now, with this bathroom! If you missed out on Part 1 of my basement design plans you can click here to check out the whole vision for the family room. I have been partnered with my good friends over at Kent Building Supplies for this whole project and it has been a dream. Having everything organized and the proper tradesmen here when we need them has made this whole process a breeze. Running my business and being home with the kids can be chaotic at times and it has made my life so much easier having the folks in the install department take care of all the organization of this project for me! 

So let's talk about the design of this bathroom. I really wanted the space to pack a punch even though it's not a massive area, I knew it had all the room we need to make it super functional. Our basement is right off of our outdoor living area/platform deck in the back (check that post out here). After spending last summer having the kids traipsing through the whole house covered in dirt after playing outside to wash up, I knew I had to have a shower in the basement- like had to. One of the many awesome things about going through Kent with your home projects is that if you don't find what you are looking for in-store they can special order it for you, which is amazing. I wanted something very specific for the bathroom shower and it was no problem special ordering in exactly what I wanted. I went with a black window pane style shower and I can not wait to see how it looks in person. The vibe for the bathroom is sort of modern, farmhouse, touch of boho/vintage (mouthful right?) and so far everything is looking perfect!

When you are designing a space like a bathroom you really want to pay attention to those fixed finishes that are going to be covering a lot of square footage. Tile is such a huge part of a bathroom design and I wanted something that was pretty and eye catching but not too contrasting that it would detract from the shower. I found this tile through special order and knew immediately that it was perfect. The simple star pattern paired with muted greige tones was exactly what the space needed and brings in a lot of depth.

When it came time to select the vanity I wanted something open and light feeling yet would still provide me with the storage we need down there. You always want to keep in mind how things will function for day to day living and having storage for hand towels, shower towels and bathroom supplies is essential to the functionality of a basement bathroom. With the shower being black and the floor tile patterned I wanted to inject some warmth into the design. This wood vanity is the perfect tone and provides me with a hidden drawer for storage and also a lower shelf to fold larger towels on- win! No bathroom is complete without the jewelry of the space which is always the lighting. I selected this beautiful glass and metal flushmount and a matte black and brass vanity light. Are you excited yet?! Check out all the links and sources below and I can't wait to share this finished space with you all!

Shower- Special Order (Model Linked)

Shower Wall Tile- Available in-store 3"x 6" White Glossy Wall Tile

Shower Head
SKU 6922135

Interior Door
SKU 1014903

Interior Door Handle
SKU 5525110

Baseboard Trim 1x6 primed pine- Available in-store

Door Casing 1x4 primed pine-Available in-store

Floor Tile- Special Order (Style Linked Star Greige)

SKU 5064046

Vanity Faucet- Available in-store
SKU 6922136

SKU 6902143

Wall Sconce
SKU 6704230

Ceiling Light
SKU 6705321

Sico Evolution Wall Paint in Eggshell "Delicate White"- In-store
Sico Evolution Ceiling Paint in Flat- In-store
Sico Evolution Trim Paint in Semi-gloss- In-store

Stay tuned for more "get the look" posts about the other 2 rooms left!

Kind thoughts,
Lauren Elizabeth

This post is in partnership with Kent Building Supplies. Thank you for supporting this blog and the brands I chose to align with. 


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