Christmas Decor Inspiration

Well some of you may be like what the heck Lauren we just had Halloween but I can't help it! Christmas is my favourite time of year and I love finding new inspiration for how I want to decorate the house for the holidays. There will be a new babe in town at decorating time but I am determined to still make our house festive and inviting despite operating on no sleep haha.

This year I am loving the more natural rustic Christmas style. I want to be choosy about my decor and really let the things I put out speak for them self and not have a Christmas colour explosion so to speak. I have been all over Pinterest these last couple weeks looking for images that match my thoughts and I wanted to share a few of them with you today, hopefully you love the holiday season as much as I do :)

Kind thoughts,
Lauren Elizabeth


  1. Never is too soon for Christmas inspiration! Thank you for sharing! I love this style.
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