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This time of year I get all the purging, cleaning, minimizing feelings. It's a new beginnings feeling that is right up there with the start of a new year. It also probably doesn't help that I am in full nesting mode but man- I just want to get rid of all the extra things in my life aka house. We have so much stuff and I have to admit, (and my husband regularly tells me) I am totally the one bringing most of this "stuff" into the house. I read this decluttering quote that really stuck with me and it said that if you buy something then something of a similar nature needs to be donated. This helps you keep ahead of things and I really want to start doing it. 

So it's no wonder I am over here swooning with all the heart eyes at this beautiful home designed by The Habitat Collective. This home you guys!! My word it's just so fresh, clean, full of texture and coziness yet skips on all the extras. Take a look!

Kind thoughts,
Lauren Elizabeth 


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