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So I don't know about all you lovely blog readers but when it comes to taking time to ourselves away from the kids we really suck at it. I don't know if it's just that we get on that little hamster wheel of life and forget to add in some self care or what but I am determined to get better at it! So I was so excited to partner up with Oceanstone Resort this past weekend and sneak off for a night on a mini babymoon- oh my word guys, it was so beautiful there and refreshing.

You know it's funny, it's like we get in our minds sometimes that unless we are going somewhere far away and for a long duration it's not worth doing. Um, yeah in parent land that is just not true at all. So you know those days were things are crazy and you put your kids to bed and you sit down at the end of the night and you get those like 2 hours to yourself to regroup before you go to bed and start the whole process all over again?  Those evening 2 hours are like gold, you need them to survive so just imagine how refreshing a full 24 hours away is?  When I think of things this way it really makes me want to do more day trip getaways because even though they are short they really give you a chance to just relax and unwind.

We stayed in the sweetest little cottage called the Grey Owl and it was just the perfect size, if felt cozy and inviting with an amazing view of the water. The whole cottage had this rustic coastal vibe going on and I was feeling it. 

Dinner was at the restaurant on site called Rhubarb and it was such a treat. We sat out on the balcony with the fresh ocean air and enjoyed the most delicious meal and desert. If you are every in the area or even passing through you should seriously stop in, they do some really fun events as well. We ended the evening down at our cottage sitting on the beach watching the sunset which was perfect.

If you are ever looking for a lovely spot to sneak away to that's local to Halifax (Yeah it was only a 40 minute drive away) then you should definitely check out Oceanstone Resort.

Kind thoughts,
Lauren Elizabeth 

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