Friday, 18 May 2018

The Front Step Never Looked So Good

Well it's the end of another week. It is seriously so hard for me to believe that it is the middle of May. The month has been flying by and it's been so nice getting a taste of the warmer weather and getting outside of the house more. Speaking of outside the house do a lot of you guys have outdoor surveillance around your property? It's something I have always liked the idea of but have just never gotten around to getting them. So when Legrand the adorne collection reached out to me to see if I was interested in giving their video camera intercom doorbell a whirl I'm not going to lie guys- I was excited. I mean this seemed like such a simple way to dip my toes into having a camera outside and I have to say I have really been enjoying it!

One thing I loved right off the bat is how modern both the outdoor and indoor units look. They easily blend with decor and design which is always something I look for when it comes to tech products. I mean let's be real, nobody wants big old ugly camera or intercom unit that draws the eye. There are two ways you can install the adorne intercom kit, the first being to mount it with the existing wiring from your doorbell or it also comes with a battery pack so you can mount it on the centre of your door or anywhere you like.

I debated on where to put ours but ultimately it went where our old doorbell was since we had the wiring there. The kit comes with 1 indoor receiver however I got 2 where we spend a lot of time on our main level and the top level. It's perfect because we have one monitor on the kitchen counter right in the centre of the house and one in our bedroom upstairs. I am considering mounting the unit to the wall upstairs in the hallway but right now I have been liking it on the nightstand- it's perfect for seeing who is at the door when I can't get down there.

Another feature I really like is that there is a talk button on both units, so say your upstairs doing laundry (story of my life) or with the kids and a friend or family member pops over and rings the doorbell. Well normally I would annoyingly yell "come in" multiple times until they heard me if I couldn't get to the door. Well friends, with the talk button you can simply hit the button and tell them to come on in which I think is one of my favourite features. Plus the outdoor unit also has a message option which is super cool so if someone comes to your home and you aren't there they can actually leave a message for you through the doorbell unit, mind= blown right?!

You can select from so many doorbell sounds and also customize the colour on your screen which is a really nice feature as well. I have to say guys I have been so impressed with this little unit and considering how easy it was to install and set up it is a great way to get some added security at your front door without getting anything too complicated going on. Plus it looks a little fancy right?!

Kind thoughts,
Lauren Elizabeth

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