Simple Valentine's Day Treat

Well it's Friday morning and I am feeling giddy. I'm not sure if it's because it's the weekend or because me and my toddler just ate copious amounts of this Valentine's Day treat for breakfast while daddy is sleeping (don't judge) lets go with the first thought. This recipe is so simple I seriously feel silly even sharing it but it's delicious and was fun to make so alas here we go, all you need is:

- One bag of pretzels (the pretty ones that look like hearts)
-A bag of Hershey Peanut Butter Chip-its
-A bag of Hershey Milk Chocolate Chip-its -that's right people, we are going all in, no semi-sweet chocolate here
Optional: Valentine's Day sprinkles 

All we did was melt our chip-its in two separate bowls in the microwave (careful not to burn it) and then once it was nice and creamy start dipping those pretzels in there. My toddler loved this part and I'm not going to lie, things got messy quick but it was worth it! The mix of the milk chocolate on one side and the peanut butter on the other, plus the saltiness of the pretzel is soooo good. You can definitely add some pretty Valentine's day sprinkles on while the chocolate is still wet to be more festive if you feel so inclined but I forgot to pick some up.  Once they are all dipped just pop them in the fridge on some wax paper to set and you are good to go, a simple delish little treat. I don't know what I was thinking making these a couple days before Valentine's day, there is no way they will ever make it till then. Hope you all have a great weekend!

Kind thoughts,
Lauren Elizabeth

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