Christmas Tree Troubles

Ok so I have wanted a flocked Christmas tree for years now. I love the flocked Christmas trees that Kate has done over the years  on Centsational Girl (a flocked tree is basically a tree that looks like it's covered in snow). Well anyway, last year I decided I was going to attempt flocking my artificial Christmas tree myself, which is totally doable if you have the right materials, I however, did not (insert emoticon of monkey with hands over eyes here).

I picked up the Santa snow in a can and basically sprayed the crap out of the tree.  Well note to future self, never attempt to do this because it does not work haha. Continuing on... so we always put our tree up the last the weekend in November so down to the basement my husband goes to bring up the tree and let's just say it was a disaster and he was not impressed lol. What I thought would be a beautiful flocked tree ended up being a giant dust cloud of faux snow waiting to be unleashed every time you touch the tree. There was faux snow/snow dust everywhere, and I mean everywhere.

So my husband  took the tree outside and started beating the branches with a broom to try and get off some of the snow so it wouldn't be everywhere when we brought it inside. Well after beating the tree with a broom for a solid 20 minutes in freezing weather hubs was convinced the tree was ruined and that we were going to town to buy a new tree. So we head into town and go to Walmart, Home Depot, Canadian Tire and finally Target. Well all the trees I liked on display were sold out and others that I liked were 400 bucks which was just not happening. So there I stood in the aisle of Target minutes away from mini meltdown as it was December 1st and I did not have Christmas tree lol. We arrive home and my husband says he will attempt to hose the tree down and get the faux snow dust off (God love him) so out he went at 10 at night in the pitch black and blindly hosed down our artificial tree. I know this is quite the picture I have been painting for you. Well let's just say it worked and after letting the tree dry in the basement for 24hrs it was finally ready to be brought up and decorated!

So that was my Christmas tree dilemma this year and let's just say and I am happy and relieved that the tree is up and decorated. So here's a shot of our tree this year, I love how it turned out and lesson learned with Santa Snow in a can haha! Hope you guys are having a great week!

Kind thoughts,

Lauren Elizabeth

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