Friday, 28 July 2017

Home Office Reveal

I come to you today from my new little office set up which I am loving so much! I have been wanting to jazz up my work space for quite some time now to make it a more inspiring place to work from and also somewhere that I want to be. You don't always need a large space in order to create a pretty little nook where you can go to work and be productive.
Being a stay at home, work from home mom has it's challenges- I needed an area that I was inspired to sit at.
I also wanted to have a space that would help the boys start to differentiate that when I was at my desk I am doing work, rather then mommy works everywhere all over the house whenever she has a spare moment. Helping them to realize that this is my 'office' area will help them see and understand better when I am working.
We had the perfect little nook in our family room to transform into an office space and it turned out perfectly. I love that I am still super central and if I need to get a little work done while my youngest naps I am still close by to my older son when he is playing. I adore these two Anna With Love prints and they really anchor the desk. This beautiful pillow is from Girliture and I love the simple mud cloth print.
I wanted this work area to blend well with the rest of the room design wise and with a few simple accessories it fits harmoniously in with the rest of the decor. 
I hope you enjoyed this little peek into my home office space and I have some more fun reveals coming so stay tuned! Have a great weekend lovely blog readers.



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  4. Did you get your prints in Halifax? I love them and they would be great in my office too!

    1. The prints above the desk :)

    2. They are actually from an amazing photographer annawithlove she has all kinds on her website :)

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