One Room Challenge Boys Bedroom- Week 5

Well....its week 5, guys it's week five and I am panicking! I am still waiting on things to arrive in the mail and it is stressing me out haha. I can not believe this is the last update and to be quite honest I don't really have a lot to update you on. I have some of the artwork up on the wall by his reading nook and I am still waiting on the rest. So this wall you see? Yeah that is all I have done at this point.

I think the main thing that is causing me stress about only having a week left is that for 4 of those days I am going to be in NYC so I will not be here doing work on the space which is going to make for an interesting couple days before the reveal. I am still waiting on the largest project in the room to arrive in the mail and it should be here Friday, however I leave Saturday! I am hoping the power of positivity will keep me afloat here and I am confident I will get this done!! If you are just checking in on all of this delightfulness now you can see the previous weeks posts below. Wish me luck.

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Lauren Elizabeth 


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