Project Blare June- Entry, Dining & Kitchen Reveal

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Welcome to part two of the reveals for the space I designed for blogger Blare June featuring the entryway, dining space and kitchen. If you missed yesterdays part one, which was the living room and office space you can check it out hereSo to start off, I wanted to create a cozy entryway that would really set the tone for the design in the rest of the space. A hat wall was the perfect way to add some texture and also display all the great hats that Lesley and her husband have. Add in a great textured rug, a bench for sitting with boxes underneath for shoe storage, a pretty cactus and a wall mirror for those last minute checks before running out the door and this entryway is complete!

As soon as you leave the entry you are immediately in the dining area. I wanted to layer a great rug down to warm up the tile and build from there. Lesley is a big fan of wire chairs so I jumped at the chance to add a couple at the heads of the table. You all know I love Structube and have worked with them in the past for the One Rom Challenge and all of the dining pieces are from there. The white table combined with the wood base chairs and the wire head chairs is just the ultimate eclectic look and I feel like it really creates a relaxed but put together vibe.

You can never go wrong with pairing fresh white hydrangeas and lemons on your dining table, it looks so pretty and adds a nice splash of colour- lemon water anyone?

I love to mix metals in the home, I feel like as long as you have multiples of each it looks intentional and not like something is out of place. You will notice I blended, brass, silver, chrome, copper, white/black metal all through Lesley's space and because there are a few of each piece nothing stands out as particularly mismatched. This is a great way to keep your options open when designing and not limiting yourself to one type of finish. 

It was key to find a way to create a bar area in the space which is so handy for entertaining. The white metal stools under the counter provide the perfect landing spot for hangouts and by placing some fun bar accessories on a tray at the end you get that bar feel without sacrificing space. Also a gallery wall is a great way to bring in sophistication to a dining space and can also be good for conversation. Lesley has great taste in art so we were able to come up with a beautiful curation of images that suited the area and really reflect her style.

The goal in the kitchen was to keep things fresh and clutter free by only adding items that looked good but also served a purpose. It can be easy to get carried away with kitchen styling but I always feel it's best to keep your day to day routine in mind and build from there. I love the cloche with biscotti for a quick snack and it looks great at the same time. Everything came together so beautifully and I feel like its the perfect balance between pretty and functional.

Be sure to check back tomorrow for the final reveal, part three- the bedroom!

Photography- Nicole Lapierre

***Out of respect to the client we share some but not all sources***

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  1. Thank you so much for the pictures. I have been looking at this table for a bit but I couldn't find any photos of the top of the tables, but you fixed my problem!


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