Series- Shop Your Home: Part One

I'm excited to share a new series I am going to be doing called "Shop Your Home". In this series I am going to share different ways to re-purpose items that you already have in your home and how to reuse conventional pieces in unconventional ways. I think it can be easy to get wrapped up in wanting to buy a lot of things for your home and our living quarters always feel like a work in progress. But reality is, you most likely have a lot of pieces in your home already that with a little imagination and some tlc could be really functional.

Today I want share a simple project that involves something that everyone usually has in their home already and that's picture frames. Frames are such a great way to add some personality to your home and display either art or family pictures that are meaningful and make you happy. But they can be expensive and a lot of times when you are doing something like say a gallery wall, you need a lot of them. A great way to make a mismatching group of frames more cohesive is to spray paint them all the same colour. I seriously do this all the time guys and it's a great way to reuse them. For example in our previous home we had a gallery wall that I had done in all dark wood frames and in our new home I am really enjoying a more fresh, bright and airy vibe, so the dark frames weren't something I wanted to put up on the walls. However, a can of white spray paint later and they are like new again and it was a lot cheaper then going and replacing perfectly good frames simply because of a colour preference.You can also paint your mattes that are inside as well or cut them to better fit the desired picture. This is such a great way to make the matte match the frame again and also brighten it up. In my frames pictured I have some simple inspired diy art and I have painted my frames and mattes (and also cute a matte) to fit the look I am going for. Another thought is if you are using pictures in a child's room you could paint the matte in the frame a different colour for a fun, high impact but best of all "cheap" solution.

Painting frames and mattes is also great when you are buying them second hand from a thrift shop. This is the perfect way to make them all match and is a lot more cost effective then buying them all in a retail store, plus it's resourceful! I hope you guys enjoy this little series has much as I have creating it and stay tuned for next weeks project.
Kind thoughts,
Lauren Elizabeth

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