Before & After- Simple Stool

So I thought I would show you guys this really simple before and after I did not long ago. Now forgive me I actually didn't get any pictures of me actually doing all the steps (I'm going to get better at this I swear!) but it was really simple so I will just briefly explain what I did!

My mom had this old stool in the basement that was an antique she brought back from a family trip. Now it took her a bit of time to finally hand it over to me and I was so happy when she did because even tho its such a small stool, I knew my son would enjoy it and it would be a great spot for him to sit and put his shoes on.

Now this little baby is not the prettiest but I thought it would be a fun project and I am all about short, simple projects. First thing I did was remove the old fabric that was on it. Then I spray painted the legs Krylons "Dover White" which is pretty much my go to white for spray painting. It's not too warm and is just a nice off white. Now there wasn't much padding on the stool so I took an old fleece blanket and cut a couple pieces to size and stapled it over the frame. I had spied this beautiful bird and floral print fabric a few weeks prior and knew it would be perfect for my beloved little stool to be. So again I just stapled the fabric over top the fleece padding (to me, the staple gun is seriously one of the best inventions ever) and voila! My cute little stool is complete and this project seriously took all of a couple hours.


Lauren Elizabeth

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