As a young girl I always loved design and home décor however, it wasn't until in my early 20's when I moved out into my own place that I realized how much I had a passion for it. Turning a space into something beautiful and finding inspiration for new projects is just the best thing ever to me. I love creating a warm and inviting environment that feels unique to me and my family and also represents the lifestyle that we live. Home is where we create memories and spend time with our loved ones and to me, it really should feel like the best place in the world to the people that live in it.

As a wife and momma to 2 (soon to be 3) sweet little ones and a busy entrepreneur I am always looking for ways to make our life easier and more efficient. Whether it's tips around the house to make things run a little smoother, mom hacks (these are crucial for survival right?) or design inspiration House of Hire is a lifestyle blog where I share a little bit of everything with you guys. So go grab a hot bevy (because hey, why not) and I hope you enjoy your visit to my little corner of the web.

Kind thoughts,
Lauren Elizabeth


  1. Hi Lauren! We stumbled across your blog via a blog hop and wanted to say HEY! You have a beautiful blog started here :) We especially love the "Where are you Spring" post and the first photo, because florals are our thing!!
    Please stop by our site (www.laughinginflowers.com) when you get a chance and say HELLO! We love meeting new and upcoming bloggers. Also! If you have instagram, see what we are up to @theflowergals

  2. Thanks so much girls, I'm stopping over to your blog as well, thanks so much for the positive feedback :) xo

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