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I have been working on redesigning our dining room and I am so excited to get started on it. I'm going to be selling our existing dining set and switching it up for something that feels a little more "us". Anddd when I say us I clearly mean "me" as my husband doesn't mind our current set and my children are too young to even understand design (insert monkey with hands over eyes emoji/ laughing emoji here). As I have mentioned before, our home is an open concept design so it's really important for the dining space to flow with the rest of the main level. Sometimes I feel like the dining area is almost the forgotten room in some homes, a lot of times we are really focused on getting everything else in the space "just right" that it isn't a priority right away. However, the dining area is such an important part of a home and really is were memories are made as corny as that sounds.

I have so many lovely memories growing up of all of my family sitting around the dining table sharing stories about our days and laughing. If you knew my younger brother and his story telling abilities and all of our warped senses of humour you would understand why we are always laughing. Supper time was always family time growing up and that is definitely something that is important to my husband and I and we are making it a tradition with our family. So alas I find myself wanting to freshen up our dining space and make it as cozy and inviting as the rest of our home. I am really drawn to texture and simple lines so I have been having so much fun on Pinterest looking at inspiration photos and how I want the room to "feel". I hope you guys enjoy.

Via Glitter Guide
Via Smart Furniture 

Via Emily Henderson
Via Emily Henderson
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  1. I've always loved the idea of a table in the dining room sitting on top of a carpet - it just completes the look. But it gets dirty so quickly, we ended up putting it away into our self storage unit so we wouldn't have to spend money on dry cleaning so often!

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