5 Tips for Selecting the Perfect Artificial Tree

I have to say, getting out the holiday decorations really makes me next level happy. There is something so cozy about the tree, twinkle lights and just all the trimmings that come along with the Christmas season. If I had the will power to wait until a couple weeks before Christmas to put up a tree then I would love to go for a real one however, the reality is that I like my tree to go up early so we can all enjoy for a longer amount of time! So I am totally on team artificial over here and I think that the world of faux Christmas trees has come SO far and if you follow these tips you may find people have a hard time figuring out if your tree is real or not! One of my favourite things to do is grab a coffee and go cruise around the stores and check out all the great holiday stuff and that is exactly what I did last week at Kent and I scored this amazing tree along with all the trimmings. They had an amazing selection of artificial trees in-store as well as beautiful decor.

I am also sooo excited to share with you guys that I have partnered with Kent to giveaway my exact Christmas tree and all the trimmings!!! The giveaway is being hosted on my Instagram so head over there to enter (@houseofhire)!!

5 Tips for Selecting the Perfect Artificial Tree:

Tip 1.
Make sure you know your ceiling height before you go shopping! This seems like a no brainer but honestly it's really important that you know so that when your in store you can right to the section of trees that will fit your space.

Tip 2.
Measure the area that you want to put your tree and how far you think you would like it to come out. 
All trees have their diameters on the tag so you want to have a good idea of the area your going to put it so that it doesn't stick out to far- trees will almost always seem smaller then what they are in-store. 

Tip 3.
Figure out the style artificial tree that you want and the look you are hoping to achieve. There are a lot of different types of trees to pick from. Having an idea of the look you want is beneficial so that you can eliminate options that don't fit within that. Pinterest is a great place to gather inspiration!

Tip 4. 
Look for a tree that is realistic and has some irregularities to it. Think wispy branches, not a perfect shape etc. One of the tell tail signs that a tree is faux is when it's perfectly uniform and looks like a perfect pyramid. Looking for something that has some different length branches will make it appear more natural. Pay attention to the "tips" count on the tree label. Typically the more tips and branches that more realistic. 

Tip 5.
Decide if you want your tree to be pre-lit with lights or if you want to do it your self. I personally love to go pre-lit as it saves you the time of stringing the lights yourself and you know that the lights are eventually disbursed around the tree. Make sure to note how many lights are on the tree and if it meets your preference.  


You can shop my exact tree below and all the trimmings pictured. Some items are only available in-store.



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