5 Tips For The Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree

Hello lovely blog readers! Ok so, over on my Instagram (@houseofhire) I get a lot of questions about my fiddle leaf fig tree and how I take care of it! I have to say, this makes my plant mama heart swell because I have wanted a fiddle leaf fig tree for so many years and to now have one that is thriving makes me so happy! Now I am no expert here but I wanted to share some simple tips that I use to take care of my tree in hopes of helping some of you!

Tip 1
Make sure your fig is in a good size pot that it can live in for awhile. I repotted mine when I got it into a slightly larger pot and added in a quality potting soil as well as some bone meal. This sounds likes a lot but if you buy a plant and a pot at Kent they will actually repot it right there for you and put in the appropriate stuff which is what I did.

Tip 2
Place in a bright, filtered light room. My fig is in our family room and this room gets sun from about 12pm noon until sunset. The light doesn't shine directly in on my fig its filtered through the blinds and my it seems to love it there.

Tip 3
The watering schedule. Now this can be tricky,  I actually just started with this schedule right away and have not strayed from it as my fig is doing so well however, based on the size of yours you may have to tinker! I water my fig about 8 cups of water every 12-14 days. You want the top couple inches of the soil to be very dry before you water it!

Tip 4
Rotate. I rotate my plant so that each side faces the sun probably about every month so. This helps the tree grow even and balances out any leaning you may get as it tries to grow towards the sunlight.

Tip 5
Clean the leaves. About every 2/3 months I wipe down the leafs to get off any dust or debris that may have collected on the leaves. This helps the plant absorb light which translates to more growth!

And there you have it! That is everything I do to take care of my fiddle leaf fig tree, I hope you find this helpful and if you have one or are thinking of purchasing a fig use these tips as a guideline and hopefully your tree will thrive!

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