Springing into Home

Well it's almost Spring woohoo! The temps this week are looking so great here- goodbye minus 20, hello plus 12! I always find when spring is right around the corner I love to start switching things up in the house to reflect that. Everyone is coming out of the winter cocoon of their home and often spring is the start of more visits and entertaining! I am excited to be working in partnership with Hayneedle for this post and I can't wait to show you some of the fun pieces we incorporated into the house. They have so many amazing items on their site for great prices, I love heading to one website to find what I need for the house.

One of the most important things about entertaining is making sure that you have enough seating. This really helps ensure that no one feels like they are causing any trouble by asking for an extra chair and right off the bat everyone feels more welcome! As soon as I saw these modern Windsor Style Dining Chairs I knew they would be perfect for our dining space. They have a freshness to them and feel airy because of the spindles yet tie in effortlessly with the modern farmhouse vibe I am totally digging right now.

I love the idea of pairing something unexpected at the heads of the table and these Mod Chairs were a no brainer. They match in colour with the others so it works but they bring in a fun new shape that is so different from the Windsor style. The great thing about a chair this size is that is very flexible around your home. It's the perfect piece to create a beautiful vignette with and doesn't take up much room. I also love it paired beside our sideboard because it just creates this cozy little moment where anyone could take a seat. I also love the idea of having it on a wall with some pretty vintage art hanging above it- it's a totally versatile piece.

For the spring I love keeping the table setting effortless and causal. I think an over styled table can sometimes feel a bit stuffy for guests on a day to day basis and when you have a beautiful harvest table like this one made by Halifax Harvest Tables you want to show that baby off! I love the simple lines of this table and it's really where it all starts when you are creating a vibe in your home. The vertical top with the horizontal ends really looks so sharp. The craftsmanship and attention to detail is amazing and I just love how it looks with these Hayneedle chairs- the black pops perfectly against this mid-tone stain.

Along with having enough seating and a great table it's important to have some other cozy welcoming areas where your guests can feel at ease. One of my go to pieces of furniture is the end table and I am drooling over this Modern square one. It is the perfect height to our sofa which is important and when you have it equipped with a coaster, coffee table books and a cozy throw blanket you are pretty much begging your guests to go have a seat and get comfortable! I love how switching up a couple of decor items on top can totally change the look yet keep it cozy.

My main goal is to always have the house feeling welcoming and set up to accommodate multiple visitors so that I don't have to have things totally planned in advance. I love how by adding a few simple items to your home you can make it the perfect balance of "hey family and friends, come on ova I got you" and cozy family time at home.

Kind thoughts,
Lauren Elizabeth


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