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Hello lovely blog readers! You all know how much we love our Leesa mattress that we got a couple of years ago now, it is cozy, supportive and just all around a great mattress. If you want to read my full review and experience you can check out the blog post I did about it here. So considering how much I love the Leesa you can imagine my excitement when we got the opportunity to try their new luxury mattress Sapira!

I was so intrigued by this mattress because it still comes in a box and is super easy to transport to your bedroom however, it's a hybrid mattress so part foam, part springs for extra support- I know right? How the does a mattress with springs get compact enough to fit into a box? Well friends the people at Leesa figured it out and the Sapira mattress is a dream! We have had this mattress for a few months now and it's amazingly comfortable. I really wanted to sleep on it for a good amount of time before giving a review and it just seems to be more and more comfortable the longer we sleep on it. The combination of support with the foam and the springs is just what my husband and I needed and although the Leesa was a huge hit we are loving the extra structure of the Sapira.

I found this picture really does a good job showing how the springs and foam work together in one mattress. One of the differences I noticed is that when I sit on the edge of the Sapira mattress it really keeps it's shape and holds firm where as the Leesa has a bit more of a sink down on the edges when you sit on them. Not really a negative, just a difference that I noticed.

I also love how they stuck with the traditional Leesa exterior cover but switched up the colours to make Sapira a bit different, the white with the grey stripes is so sharp and makes laundry day still a pretty day on the bed- win! The mattress has a slight off gas smell when you unbox it however it dissipates very quickly and was nothing we really noticed a few hours after we set up the mattress. The idea of getting a high end luxury mattress delivered to your door in a box for easy transport is still something that blows my mind, we have a narrow staircase so getting a king mattress up to our room would be no easy task if it wasn't as compact as this one.

I would say that if you are looking to spend a little more on a mattress and want something a bit more luxurious go for the Sapira. However if you want a budget friendly option that is also incredibly comfortable you can't go wrong with the classic Leesa!

Kind thoughts,
Lauren Elizabeth

This post contains gifted product from Leesa Mattress, thank you for supporting this blog and the brands I choose to work with.

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