3 Ways to Style a Holiday Sidebaord

Happy Christmas Eve lovely blog readers! I can't believe it is finally here and I can not wait to see the kids faces in the morning. I thought today I would share some last minute holiday styling that is great for making your home feel festive until the new year!

I am so excited to be partnering with Structube for this post showcasing this beautiful sideboard that is from their Jenson collection. You guys, I am drooling over this piece it's so versatile and is a great addition to a dining room, entryway, or hallway if you have the space- you really can't go wrong with something like this. I have been wanting a sideboard for our dining space for quite some time now to help store some of the overflow of stuff we have in our pantry. A lot of the kids creative stuff is stored in here along with family games etc which are now really handy and close to the dining room table for game night!

I wanted to show you guys some simple ways you can style a piece like this with minimal effort and also how simply switching out a couple of things makes a big impact on how the whole decor/piece looks. I had some fun styling this piece with my existing gallery wall I had first and then I styled it with a round mirror which is how I plan on keeping things. This year I went for a more natural Christmas vibe by blending in greenery with some decor that I keep out year round for an easy transition when it's time to put away the holiday decor, I hope you all enjoy!


Kind thoughts,
Lauren Elizabeth


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