My Big Plan

You know it's funny, typically the New Year starts and I feel so motivated to accomplish all my goals.  But the start of this year has been different, instead of feeling "recharged" I found myself feeling tired and a little burnt out from the Holiday craziness and a busy end of the year with my business. After taking some much needed time to slow down a bit and limit my to-do list I am feeling so much better and it's amazing what slowing down a bit can do!

Something I have been talking about a lot over on my Instagram @houseofhire is decluttering the house and really working towards living with...well...less stuff everywhere. I started the hashtag #houseofhireminimal where I have encouraged my online community to share their homes, goals and inspirations so that we can all motivate one another this year. I would love if all of you lovely blog readers joined in as well!!

So my first project has been going through the kids toys (ahhh insert hand over face emoticon here.) Toys felt like a great place to start because first off, the kids don't play with them all and secondly, the clean up of those toys takes a lot of valuable time away from doing other productive things in the run of a day.

Also don't you find you just feel sooo much better when you have less stuff everywhere?! I really think there is something to be said about this whole living more minimally so stay tuned, I will be updating you on my progress.

Kind thoughts,
Lauren Elizabeth


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