How To Make A Faux Mantle DIY

So if you saw my post a couple of weeks ago about always wanting a mantle to decorate at Christmas then this post will totally make sense to you haha. Bottom line is I have always wanted a mantle during the holidays to decorate with pretty garland and decor. Well, this year I decided to get creative and fill my mantle craving by creating my own faux mantle, brilliant right?! So when I shared a peak of what I created over on my Instagram stories so many of you sent me messages saying you were in the same boat and really wanted a tutorial. So my friends, you ask, I deliver! I took the whole thing apart and reassembled it to give you guys a step by step tutorial of how I created this look, you will need:

  • 2 Garlands- now I used one cheap one from the dollar store with bendable wires and one expensive, very realistic one I got at Michael's last year.
  • Faux flocked branches- you can find these at Homesense, any Christmas store and sometimes even the Dollar Store!
  • Berry Branches in whatever style you like. I had white berried ones on a pretty leaf stem that you guessed it, I got at the Dollar Store last year.
  • Sprigs of Eucalyptus.
  • Small wireless lights
  • Clear Command Strips
1. Ok so first thing you want to do is stick up your clear Command strips in a line across the area you want the faux mantle to be, you want to give the adhesive time to set so make sure you do that first and let it sit for at least an hour!
2. Next your going to attach your two garlands together, I laid the wire one down first and then placed the more realistic looking one on top. I then used the bendable branches from underneath and entertained them into the front garland to attach them together and create a full, thick look.

3. Once the command strip has set and your garlands are attached you want to attach it to your mantle by hooking the stiff wire garland onto the hooks.
4. After it's attached its time for the fun part layering in all your decor. I started with the things I had the least of and worked my way up to what I had most of. So the first thing I placed was my large flocked branches. 
5. Then I weaved my berry branches all throughout staggering them in-between the flocked branches and making sure they were evenly spaced.
6. Next I took my sprigs of eucalyptus and placed them all through to fill things in and bring in great texture.
7. Lastly drape the lights in a wave motion across your garland and voila! Your all set with your beautiful faux mantle that feels festive and pretty! 
 I hope you all enjoyed this simple tutorial and if you try it make sure you tag my on Instagram with a picture @houseofhire !

Kind thoughts,
Lauren Elizabeth

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