IKEA Entryway Reveal & My 5 Entryway Must Have's

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Happy hump day! I am so excited to share my entryway transformation with all you lovely blog readers, I am so happy with how it came together! I still can't believe that we have an IKEA store now here in Halifax, it still feels surreal even though I have already been there 4 times since it opened last week haha.

I have been wanting to do our entryway for a while now and I have been lusting after this Hemnes shoe cabinet for years! I love how it has such a narrow depth making it perfect for an entryway, has amazing shoe storage (I can easily fit 4/5 pairs of flats in each pullout) and it has enough depth on top to place some pretty accessories. I picked up all of these cute pieces at IKEA and I am loving the combination of emerald green and brass for the autumn season. And did you guys know they have a killer plant section in there?! Like amazing little succulents, big trees you name it and you better believe they are all at amazing price points. This little snake plant was under three bucks (START THE CAR)!

The Stockholm mirror has also been on my list for a long time, it is the perfect size and I love the detail on it with the bottom protruding out further then the top, it really makes it look unique.

It doesn't matter how small your entry way is guys, if you can incorporate these must have's into the space I promise you it will function better for you and your family!


1.) A Drop Zone- having something to plop things down on- think keys, mail etc. as soon as you walk in the door is so important so things don't even up all over the house. When it is a piece that can perform double duty like this cabinet it's a double win!

2.) Hanging Hooks- If you don't have a closet near by or even if you do like I do having hooks on the wall is super beneficial. You can hang your daily items up or purse you always know where to find them.

3.) Mirror- I think this is pretty self explanatory but it is so important to have a mirror by your entry for those last minute checks before you run out the door!

4.) Clock- This is one that is often forgotten but guys, it is SO handy to have a clock in your entryway to keep track of time as you are getting ready to go. I know we all have cell phones but sometimes it's nice to not have to dig around to find it and just have the time available to you right there.

5.) Spot To Sit- Now a place to sit while you put on shoes is really nice and it doesn't have to be a huge bench. There are lots of small scale pieces now that work, as well as little stools!


  1. I can't wait to update my entry! I'm in a condo and it feels so dark currently. These suggestions are great I'll definitely keep them in mind when I update.

    1. Yay glad you like them! The entryway is a great small space to tackle and isn’t too overwhelming!

  2. I love that bench! Where is it from?
    I'll be updating my Ikea shopping list after seeing this post. Love everything :)


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