DIY Magnolia Wreath Tutorial

I have been wanting a Magnolia wreath for soo long I am just obsessed with the two tone leaves and how beautiful they look styled in a room. But if any of you have been eyeing these wreaths you know how expensive they can be- like $100.00 plus. So I decided it was time to get crafty and make one myself and I am happy to report that this beauty only cost me $22 bucks and change!

Ok so right now Michael's is selling bunches of Magnolia leaves for 24 dollars, I used two 50% off coupons and got two for the price of one!
You will need:

  • Wreath- I got this one last year at the dollar store for a buck, the pliable pieces are perfect for wrapping around your branches and the green blends in with the leaves. 
  • Wire Cutting Pliers 
  • Magnolia Leaves 
  • 10 Minutes of your time!

Next you want to separate your branches and clip them off the main stem, one bundle will give you about 4 stems so in total I had 8 and I found it perfect.

After you have clipped them into their small clusters separate the leaves a bit and then start weaving your branch into the wreath. You want all your branches going in the same direction to give that consistency throughout the circle which is key for this look. 

Once you have all your branches in flip the wreath over and start tucking all the remaining green pieces of the wreathe tight into itself to keep them out of view for when you flip the wreath back around. 

Then flip your wreath right side up and spread out your leaves so that they are nice and full and covering all the wreath base. 

Voila! It's now complete and how easy was that?! I love the full and messy look with these wreaths as it really emphasizes the leaves and texture. One of the best things about Magnolia leaves is that they have the gold backs so you want to make sure you showcase that when you are placing your branches!

I hope you all enjoyed this simple tutorial. Here is my Instagram story that I did showing me actually making the wreath!

Kind thoughts,
Lauren Elizabeth

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