Sunday, 17 September 2017

Neutral and Cozy Fall Home Decor

Hello friends! And welcome to my home :) I have to say it was a little tricky getting pictures of our fall home decor without revealing to too much of our family room to you! We are in the midst of a re-design with some exciting projects underway so stay tuned for the reveal of that whole space in October!

Ok now onto talking fall home decor, so if you have been following along here for awhile then you know I love neutral design and if your new here today coming over from some of the other lovely ladies blogs,  hi I'm Lauren, and I'm a neutralholic. I don't know what the right word to use here is but you know when people say you don't have to be 'kitchy' when decorating your kitchen? Well whatever the appropriate word is for that in relation to fall decorating insert 'here'. You will not catch me with crazytown fall colours everywhere and if I did I am pretty sure my husband would be convinced I have lost it.

My favourite spaces are those that are fresh and bright, yet feel lived in and cozy so when decorating for Autumn I love to use lots of soft fabrics with great texture, neutral colours and lots of layers- oh and white pumpkins, I love me some mini white pumpkins. Ok so lets get on with it right? Without further ado here is a peak at some of the ways in which I have decorated for fall this year...



Eucalyptus, Floor Baskets, Wall Hanging, Crochet Pillows, Leaf on shelf is all from Girliture

I hope you all enjoyed my fall decor and please pop on over and check out some of the other ladies homes I have linked below!
Kind thoughts,
Lauren Elizabeth

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  1. Love all the pretty fall touches and your shelf styling is spot on!

  2. I am obsessed with that cream tassel pillow! Love your touches of fall Lauren. Your home is gorgeous! XO

  3. Beautiful home!!! I love your style. Also that fiddle leaf fig in the color block basket = perfect! Totally my style.

    >> Christene
    Keys to Inspiration

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