Going To The Dark Side DIY Bathroom Painting

This post is sponsored by Canadian Tire but all opinions expressed are my own.

Well guys I did it. I went outside of my comfort zone and I painted something....dark! Ok well to be far I choose a space that I am not in a ton which is the boys bathroom so it is an easier adjustment. I am so excited to be partnered with Canadian Tire and their Premier Paint line on this project because I have been wanting to try out their paint and this partnership provided me with the perfect opportunity.

Now I am going to first start off by saying this bathroom is in no way finished and I am still changing up a lot of things, think lighting, shelving unit etc. But I wanted to be real and share the progress with you guys. Secondly OH MY WORD it's hard to photograph dark paint and have it reflect it's true colour! I tried my best and I feel these images capture it pretty well.
So I have to say working with the Premier paint was a dream and please believe me when I say that it glides on smooth, has amazing coverage and has zero VOC's! If I could insert the praise hands up emoji here I would trust me. I hammered this painting project out in an afternoon and it was great to not have to worry about doing three or four coats where it's a dark colour. Two coats gave me amazing opacity and I am so pleased with how it turned out.
I chose the satin finish which is great for bathroom's and kitchens and it is a really lovely finish. With just a touch of shine it is easy to scrub and keep clean (the true test is when you have two little boys in there being crazy so trust me, it scrubs up good) but feels a bit more durable then your standard eggshell. I still have a lot of paint left over so I am thinking I may paint our island as well, I am getting really crazy over here injecting all this darkness into our home but guys I have to say I am loving it! The subtle contrast is really nice and has brought a whole new depth to our space. Stay tuned for more fun painting projects!

Kind thoughts,
Lauren Elizabeth
This post is sponsored by Canadian Tire but all opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting this blog and the brands I choose to work with.


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