Stikwood Feature Wall DIY Wall Paneling

I am so excited to share some more details about the amazing feature wall in Logan's room from the One Room Challenge. I have been receiving so many questions about it and I'm glad everyone likes it so much! The rustic wood wall is by Stikwood and let me tell you guys, this was such a simple yet high impact project! I am in love with the distressed, rustic feel that it brings to the space and installation was a breeze. I have to say though, I had some shots of the wall being installed and they got deleted from my camera so alas I am going to have to make due with what I have! But honestly it was so straight forward and I got 90% of the wall finished in 2 hours.
The finish that we chose is called "Hampton's" and it is a beautiful soft white that has some variation in it. They have tons of different wood colours to pick from ranging from light to dark so there is something for everyone. There are nicks, nail holes and knots to give the wood a lived in feel and it looks so good. I was a little surprised when it arrived because they actually send you all kind of different sizes of planks so it really helps cut down on the cuts you need to do to finish the wall. I was able to find so many pieces that fit smaller edge areas that I would say all in all we only had to do about 10 cuts when we were done for edge pieces. For all the cuts we used a hand saw and it was pretty easy to cut through so no need for big fancy tools!
Stikwood is real wood that is thinly cut and has three adhesive strips on the back. All you do to apply is pull off the strips, place it on the wall and then use a roller and apply pressure over it to make sure it adheres good. You want to make sure you use a level to get your first piece straight and then you just apply the following pieces in a staggered pattern so your seams are mis-matched up the wall.  Like I said, sooo easy!

We are so thrilled with how this turned out and I can't believe how quick it was to complete, I am such a "I want a project done as soon as I start to do it" type of girl so this was a dream terms of how quick it took! I hope you guys enjoyed this up close look at the wall and if you are looking for a high impact, simple installation project, this product is definitely for you!
Lauren Elizabeth
Stikwood provided us with this product however all opinion are my own.


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