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Well happy Monday lovely blog readers! I am so excited about today's post because I get a lot of questions from you guys about different meal ideas when your a busy mom.

 Let me first start off by saying that every meal does not look like this and there are definitely times where I just don't have the energy to prepare something nutritious.

However when I do I am all about finding simpler ways to make something that's fast but also healthy!
One of my go to's for lunch's and dinners is a salad and I don't know about you guys but I love a salad that is a little more hearty to keep me feeling full for longer. I was excited when Miscela (pronounced Mishk-ella) reached out to me asking if I wanted to try some of their mixtures which are made up of all natural garden veggies, fruits, herbs and spices. They come in 5 flavors and I have seen them at Sobey's but had never tried them before and let me say guys...they are sooo good! Ok so for this recipe you will need:

*Sliced chicken breast (I love getting the precooked stuff you can keep in the fridge)
*Miscela in any flavor (I used Sun Dried Tomato here)
*Olive oil (optional)

First up if you don't own a rice cooker you need one asap! They are life changing and I use ours a ton for cooking rice and quinoa. I put the quinoa in with a couple scoops of the Sun Dried Tomato mixture and let it cook away I find doing this helps liven up the quinoa and keeps it from being bland. Then just prepare your salad as normal, spinach, chopped cucumber add your quinoa then place your chicken breast on the top with a couple scoops of the Miscela and I added a drizzle of olive oil but that is totally optional. It is so good and filling and perfect for the busy mom on the go- I am loving this Sun Dried Tomato flavor but the Olive mixture is also delicious on the salad because I tried that as well!

I hope you all give this salad a try and believe me when I say this is one of my simple go to's!

Lauren Elizabeth
This post was sponsored by Derlea Miscela but all opinions are my own!

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