Kitchen Trend- Butcher Block

Something we are starting to see a lot more of in kitchens is butcher block counters or islands. In the past I used to shy away from the idea of wood counters in the kitchen because they seemed like a lot more maintenance. Now don't get me wrong they still area a bit more upkeep then traditional stone or laminate surfaces but they really aren't too bad. You can cut and do your cooking prep right on the counter if you like which is nice- it will over time patina the wood but if you don't mind that weathered look you can definitely do all your prep on them. Also over time as they get marked up you can simply sand down the damaged area with a fine grit sander or sand the whole top to make it look new brand again!

I think my favourite way to incorporate butcher block is as an island top. It's a smaller amount of space to maintain then having all your counters done and it brings such great warmth and texture to the kitchen. There are so many hard surfaces in cook spaces that it's nice to balance it with the warmth of wood. I am loving how butcher block looks great with every cabinet colour and in both traditional and modern spaces.



Like how gorgeous are these kitchens? They look so cozy and inviting but still fresh at the same time. I am also loving an accent painted island these days and have been mauling over painting ours either a nice grey or rich navy! 

Lauren Elizabeth

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