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Happy Monday friends! Ok, so let's get right into things, I am a huge fan of kitchen design and unfortunately it's often a place that we don't always think about styling. It makes such a difference in the way your kitchen functions and also how it flows with the rest of your home. Taking the time to personalise your cooking space is so worth it after all, if your like me and have little ones you find your self in the kitchen all day long it seems preparing snacks for little mouths so why not make it extra pretty in there so you can enjoy it!

One of my favourite things in kitchens is open shelving, I think it is such a great way to bring in some interest, let in more light and just show some personality! I have been contemplating taking down one of our cabinets and adding open shelves in its place but as you may have guessed, I'm still working on convincing the husband it's a good idea- we will get there.

A lot of times when people think of open shelves in the kitchen they think it's too much work to keep them clean or worry about them looking unorganised. I think the main trick to doing shelves right is to place the items that are more decorative and that you aren't using as often near the top and things that you use daily on the lower shelves in arms reach. I found some great examples of shelves done oh so well on Pinterest and thought I would share them with you all for some inspiration.


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  1. Great idea about open shelving, and I like these images where you show this element in the design. How I know its often used in rustic style because open shelving look so natural. I like Japanese kitchen design too. Here you will not find a lot of open elements, but it look very natural, maybe you can find here great that like your husband.


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