A Fresh Start

Happy New Year! Isn't waking up on January 1st just the best feeling ever?! (pending you aren't too hungover from the previous nights festivities). There is just something about a fresh start and a new year that is so motivating and just makes me feel excited. I love setting goals to strive for and there is just something about writing them down that makes you feel more accountable. So I thought I would start off this years first post with my 3 goals I want to work on for 2017:

1. Get better at work life balance- this past year has been so amazing with the blog doing so well and bringing with it amazing opportunities. Mix in my designing business and sometimes it just feels like there aren't enough hours in a day. As a mom it can be hard to find the balance of doing work from home and also being present at the same time. This year want to try and do a better job of managing my time so that I have more balance and feel like I am more organised. 

2. Be Healthier- 
I think I make this resolution or something similar every year but I really want to work on making better choices with food and being more active. After having two kids it's easy to feel like your never going to be in as good of shape as you were post baby but I know that is not true because I see lots of mommas out there killin it! It's so motivating seeing what other moms are achieving and I really want to get to a healthier place not just for me but for my boys. 

3. Decluttering- this is something that I have been working on and off on for the past year and I want to move into phase two of it this year. I want to continue getting rid or donating the things we simply don't need or don't use and work towards living a more minimalistic life. No more over purchasing or holding onto things we don't use or need. 

How about you guys, what are your goals for 2017?!

Kind thoughts.
Lauren Elizabeth

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