DIY Holiday Porch Planter

Morning friends! I hope you have all been having a great week. I have been working on an exciting project that I can't wait to share with you all so stay tuned over the next couple of weeks for some updates. Today I thought I would share a super easy porch planter that is great for the holidays and if you already have the planters, is super affordable! A couple of years ago I picked up two black tall planters to flank my door step and I love putting different things in them seasonally.

Back when I was in my early 20's when we lived in a really small town in Newfoundland one of my neighbours showed me how to search for pretty boughs on trees and cut them for decor for our front steps- she is very creative so every time I do this I always think of her (I'm talking about you Gabby:)

So you want to go into the woods near your home and look for some boughs that have a nice shape to them and clip them off on an angle. I cut about 6 pieces, 3 for each planter. Then I just stuck them into the old topsoil I had and put them in the design that I wanted. Next I had a bunch of pieces of eucalyptus from an old project so I stuck some of those in there too. I had all of these little decor items from other projects so you can definitely use whatever you have on hand, or the dollar store has lots of cute little things you could use too.
I just stuck some little glitter twirls in there, some dried cranberries, I hung a couple little gold snowflakes and added some twine bows as well. I love how they turned out and they add a little festive flair to the front step. I plan on adding some garland and a few other decor pieces to the porch too but right now I am loving the simplicity of these planters with a wreathe on the door.

This is a great affordable diy because a lot of these festive door planters start at around $60.00 to buy in store so if you are wanting some try doing it yourself and you will be surprised how easy they are to create!
Kind thoughts,
Lauren Elizabeth

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