Transitioning Fall Decor

I always try to wait until after Remembrance day to start decorating for the upcoming holiday season. I am totally that person that loves starting to decorate in November for Christmas. It's not that I put out all the crazy Christmas decor but I love bringing in a lot of cozy textures and rustic elements to transition into the Christmas stuff if that makes sense.

I find the end of every year such a fun time to decorate your home because there is the fall decor and then the holiday stuff so it feels like you really get to switch things up in your home for a few months. I love extending fall decorative pieces up until I start bringing in the Christmas stuff and I definitely don't think you need to get rid of all your white pumpkins and pretty pieces as soon as October is over. Here are some great inspirational pictures that rooms that really do the branching of the two seasons right!

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Lauren Elizabeth

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