Daily Basis Faves

So there are a few things I like to use on a daily basis that make me feel good but also serve a purpose. Life with two kids plus a business can be a challenge so I have a few products and key pieces that help me feel great and also are functional.

1. One of my favourite pieces to wear when the weather gets cold is a nice cozy blanket scarf. I have been living in my taupe one as I feel it matches everything and just makes any outfit look better. Plus it doubles as a blanket for my little guy if we are out and he falls asleep in the stroller- double win.

2. I absolutely love Nest fragrances, they have such a femininity to them and the roller ball is my favourite way to apply perfume. I feel like something as simple as rubbing a pretty fragrance on my wrists and neck lifts my mood and instantly makes me feel more put together. I feel like as a busy mom it's small things like this that I do for myself that keep me feeling like me.

3. As soon as the weather chills off I always find my hands feel dry. I don't know if it's because I wash them so much because I have little ones or if the temperature switch is just enough to dry them out a bit. My go to is the Kiehls body butter in the travel size. I adore this cream and carry it with me everywhere, it makes my skin feel so hydrated and it lasts through hand washing which is a bonus.

4. The Wet and Wild Gel nail polish has been my absolute favourite for a while now. I am sure all you ladies can agree that there is nothing worse then taking the time to paint your nails and having them chip the same day. Well I easily get 4/5 days out of this polish and I am not gentle with my hands, between cleaning, laundry, picking up toys it lasts great. Plus it's only 5 bucks! My favourite colour that I have been rocking pretty much everyday is "Stay Classy".

5. These Michael Kors ankle boots are one of my fall go to's. They are super comfortable where they have a nice low heel yet they have lots of details with the buckles across the top. If you ever run into me, odds are I am wearing these on my feet. Practical and pretty, the best combination.

6. I have talked about this bag before but it is just seriously the best guys! This is the Micheal Kors medium size book bag and I adore it for day to day life. I use it as a diaper bag mostly, it holds everything I need when I am out for both the boys and I love being hands free. I have a hard time using a shoulder bag after this because I find it so convenient to throw on and go.

7. This is not a new thing by any means but I love my EOS lip balms, they are so hydrating and this time of year I feel it's always crucial to have one handy, I love the packaging, plus if I am out and in a pinch my little guy loves holding the "ball" so it doubles as a toy. Score.

8. I love burning candles in the house that have a great scent throw and the Bath & Body Works Leaves scent is one of my all time favourites. I also love the Superstore candles in Canadian Maple and Banana Nut Bread. They make the house smell amazing and are a great price!

Kind thoughts,
Lauren Elizabeth

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