Save vs. Splurge

So I am going to start sharing some "get the look for less" posts on the blog that I hope you all will enjoy! I feel like it's a fun way to try and find pieces at great price points that mimic things that retail for a much higher cost.  I am all about finding things for a good deal, I think there are always items that are totally worth the splurge but a lot of times if you feel like you change your mind a lot it can be nice to not invest so heavily in some items and "get the look for less" essentially.

Ok so todays "Save vs Splurge" is going to be a great light fixture. If you are into the modern/industrail/gold/glam look you will love this piece. This chandelier would look great in a dining room or a bedroom and gives just enough of a pop to your room but at the same time has simple, clean lines that don't command too much attention.

Our splurge piece is from and retails for $437.80
Our save piece is from the Canvas collection at and retails for $219.00

I hope you guys have a great day, Happy Hump Day!

Kind thoughts,
Lauren Elizabeth

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