Mixing Metallics

Anyone that follows me on Instagram knows I have a serious love for gold/brass décor. It brings such a nice warmth into a room and is another neutral metal you can layer in. When it comes to mixing metals I feel like there are lots of ways to do it to keep things looking cohesive. In my opinion as long as you have multiple pieces of different metals in a space together it looks more deliberate and seems to just work.

I think metallics can look out of place when you have say one gold accent piece hanging out in a room with all silver pieces or vice versa. They need some friends in the space to hang out with, something to make them feel balanced. For example in the above picture I have brass drapery rods, a pewter arching lamp, gold wall vessels, chrome sofa legs and a brass bench. Even though they are all different metals because there is a couple of each they all just sort of blend in together and look cohesive.

I have a mixture of brass, gold, chrome, and pewter on my main level and where I have multiple pieces of each, nothing really stands out as not fitting in and to me, it works. I like the look of some rose gold & copper décor, but on investment pieces I prefer to stick with the classic gold and silver as they don't feel as trendy and you will get more longevity out of your purchases by sticking with the classic tones.

Kind thoughts,
Lauren Elizabeth


  1. I love those hanging plants. Where did you get this from?

    1. Thank you! They are the Umbra Wall Triggs in gold and then I put succulents in them!

  2. Hi Lauren,
    I love your living room, so bright and elegant. May I ask where you bought your rug please?
    Kind regards,


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