Brass Lighting

I have a serious love for Wayfair guys, like the love runs deep and when they finally opened up a Wayfair Canada website I was so excited! It is great that we are getting more options for online shopping in Canada because a lot of places don't seem to ship here. Or, where the dollar isn't the greatest right now that really pretty throw pillow your eyeing that just dropped to the amazing sale price of $25 dollars? Yeah well forget it because it's going to cost you a mere $500 dollars to get it into the country.

So in keeping with my metallics post earlier in the week I thought I would share some pretty brass light fixtures today. You can seriously find just about everything on the Wayfair website so if you are thinking of bringing some brass fixtures into your home, they have a great selection at every price point and every style. Happy hump day:)

Kind thoughts,
Lauren Elizabeth

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