Walmart Scores

Well it's Monday and that means...looking at more pretty home stuff at great prices, yay! I have to say I am quite impressed with some of Walmart's new Home-trend d├ęcor pieces, and really love that they are trying to incorporate more current items into their line. I have seen a lot of the pictures above in person at my local Walmart and guyssss this stuff is really great and at affordable price points. I also want to point out that the bar cart looks super similar to my Target one I talked about here so if you were wanting one of those and missed out, now is your chance! It's also the perfect way to try and incorporate some items that may be on the more trendy side without the hefty price tag. I mean what budget savvy person doesn't love that, it's totally a win win in my books. As usual I had to round up some of my favourite items and share them with you guys. Happy shopping :)

Kind thoughts,
Lauren Elizabeth

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