Decks for Days

So compared to last winter this one has not been bad at all weather wise, I mean we were still buried in sooo much snow at this point last year! I think the fact that it has been a mild season in comparison to last year is making everyone feel like spring is so close. I can not stop looking at decks and patios right now guys, I go through phases where I am really into something home wise and right now all I want to look at are pretty decks and patios.

There is something so nice about creating a little oasis outside and really expanding your living space into the outdoors during the more warmer months. I can't wait to get rolling on our deck décor, our deck is on the smaller side so I am going to need to be strategic on what we put out there and make sure the space is still functional. As usual I was cruising through Pinterest for some décor inspiration and I just love everything. I feel like if you follow me on Pinterest I apologize in advance for the overload of deck pins-but I can't help it!

Kind thoughts,
Lauren Elizabeth

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