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I love finding new ways to make our space feel more personal and like "us". I am a big fan of gallery walls and displaying fun art that you enjoy, makes you happy & motivates you. I thought today I would share a few of my favourite places to get art prints from. I love finding new shops to get prints from because it's a more inexpensive option then buying large pieces of art and you can switch them out as you feel like it. I also feel like you can always find a place for smaller scale pieces where sometimes it's more difficult to move around large scale items.

The first line of the board above is all from Rifle Paper Co. I love so many of their prints, they are whimsical and pretty and of course you guys know I love these bird prints. The second line is from Anna with Love Photography print shop and all her pictures are seriously so beautiful. I love how she captions each one with a pretty name and they all seem to work either grouped together or separately as a stand alone piece. The last line are some prints from Stephanie Sterjovski print shop. I love so many of her prints because they are fun and feminine but also come in motivating phrases. I love the #goals print and I feel like it would be so great in an office space to keep you motovated. There really seems to be something for everyone regardless of your taste when it comes to art prints and they are such a fun way to show your personality in your home.

Kind thoughts,
Lauren Elizabeth

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