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Greetings! So I am sure I speak for pretty much everyone when I say that I love to get a good deal or find a good sale. I love shopping at the end of a season because so much stuff gets reduced and it is the perfect time to score some great items! Two of my favourite places to shop for home things are Homesense and Wicker Emporium. Both of these places do crazy markdowns after Christmas and you can get some great stuff for up to 70% off! Then next year when you dig out all your Christmas decor for the house it's like a mini Christmas before Christmas seeing all the things you got on sale the year before. Now if that doesn't get your pulse racing I don't know what will haha.

A lot of times I find that you can get so called " Holiday" items on sale but really they can be used all year round in some cases. These pictures are some of the things I have picked up over the last couple years and I definitely feel like they can be used all season long for winter styling! I find Wicker Emporium is a great place to find some lovely Scandinavian vibe pieces, which is a look I really love. I'm all about simple, easy, family friendly design. I hope you guys are having a great day!

Kind thoughts,
Lauren Elizabeth

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  1. Yes ye sand yes!
    I get that feeling every year!
    "Oooooh I forgot about this"
    I legit cleared out the last bits of home sense, my cart was bursting but it was such great finds and amazing prices! How good it is to be back in the shopping malls ;)


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