Happy New Year

Happy 2016! I can't believe it's January all ready it's crazy how fast this year went and also the holiday. It's always such a busy time with kids, family and friends that it just seems to flash by. I thought I would try to start the new year out with a blog post, now that we are pretty settled into our new home and the second baby is sleeping a bit more (thank godddd) I really want to try and post on here a little more regularly!

We had our house built and moved in at the end of the summer and I have lots of little projects that I want to do and share with you guys! Moving into our new house really forced me to prioritize the things I loved and wanted to bring with us and also get rid/donate the things that where no longer my design taste or were just for lack of a better word "place setters". I feel like the new year is always such a motivating time and great excuse to set some goals for the months ahead. I always have the plan of setting goals but this year I really want to stick to them. One thing I really want to continue doing is de-cluttering (I never realized how much stuff the 4 of us had until it was time to unpack the moving boxes). I really want to focus on pieces that I love around the house!

I hope you all had a great holiday season!

Kind thoughts,

Lauren Elizabeth

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