Friday, 5 December 2014

A little Holiday Decor

Well to further embellish on yesterday's post I thought I would share a few snap shots of some of my Christmas decor this year. There are a few items at Target that I am loving and hoping to swipe this year after Christmas when everything goes on sale. I love decorating the house for the holidays, it's so cozy and it's nice having a different ambience in the house with the tree lights etc. I feel like I am constantly moving things around and tweaking but I thought I would show you guys how I have things at this moment. I try to keep things farely simple because anyone that has a toddler knows that if they can reach it, they want it.

I have always been drawn to the whites and golds/silvers around Christmas and of course sparkles. I'm like a crow, if it's shiny I want it haha but I also love a touch of rustic. I find a bit of burlap adds a nice dimension to a space with all the shiny sparkly pieces that I have.

I can't believe Christmas is in like 3 weeks, I feel so unprepared I am going to have to really buckle down and get some shopping done in the next week or two. I say every year that I will not be that person out on Christmas Eve but every year it seems I find myself out grabbing some last minute thing that I forgot about and that is crucial to the succes of the entire Holiday. Anywho, I will stop rambling now and lets just get to the pictures, I hope you guys enjoy!

Kind thoughts, 
Lauren Elizabeth

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