Playroom Inspiration

I love creating mood boards for design ideas that I have for certain spaces. It's such a fun, great way to get an idea of how a space will come together and what pieces work and what don't. Sometimes I chose things that are inspirational and use them to find similar things that are more on budget.

I have really wanted to create a fun, colorful, imagination inspiring playroom for my son but in our home we have now there is no space for it. We are going to be moving in the spring and in our future home I would love to have a special place were he can play like this. I think it's always important to have a couple comfortable adult seats in a play space so you have somewhere to sit and have a coffee. Just like every other space a playroom needs to function well. I'm really excited about these play teepees that just seem to be everywhere on the Internet lately and we are going to get one for the little guy for Christmas. He is going to be sooooo excited when he sees it! But for now I just thought I would leave you guys with another inspiration board on how I hope a play space will look for him some day! I have a fun project that I just finished coming up soon so stay tuned for that!

Kind thoughts,

Lauren Elizabeth

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