Fiddle Leaf Fig- Yes Please!

I have been loving fiddle leaf fig trees for a long time. They are such a pretty unique plant and add such a nice pop of greenery into a room. However, in my past I have not been known to have the greenest thumb when it comes to looking after/keeping plants alive, which my husband seems to love to remind me of when I talk about getting more plants (insert hands over eyes emoticon).

I have been looking online a lot and am contemplating buying a faux fiddle leaf fig. There seem to be a lot of really good ones out there and I think this may be the safest route for me to ensure enjoyment out of the tree hahah. As much as I love the idea of buying a little one and raising it to become this beautiful tree I feel like I may have a hard time keeping  it alive along enough to actually grow into a big plant! The struggle is real.

What do you guys think, is faux just a total cop out and should I just get a real one and risk it out? These pictures are of real trees and they look so beautiful, but I feel like some of the faux ones look very realistic as well. Also you wouldn't have to worry about where you place it in your house in regards to natural light etc! I will keep you posted what I end up deciding:)

Kind thoughts,

Lauren Elizabeth

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