Jazzin Up A Plain Cupboard

Ok, so upon completing my dresser redo I found that the dresser cupboard where I stored extra wipes, diapers etc. had gotten quite a bit of spray paint mist in it. Now I suppose there is nothing overly wrong with this because it is on the inside however, it was bothering me haha. It just didn't feel like a clean spot to put his stuff and even tho it totally was (I did clean it) I just felt like it needed a little something.

Enter "Creative Covering", a simple adhesive paper that you can virtually do anything with! So I decided I would cover the inside of the cupboard with it and it was super simple! First off I went to Target and picked up this Adhesive Covering and it was 6.99.

Next I took my handy measuring tape and measured the dimensions of each side of the cupboard. I then marked out the height and width on the adhesive paper with a pencil, and cut out each side. Once you complete that step you will have 5 (the back piece isn't in this picture) pieces that look like so:

Now the next thing I did was using a blue sharpie, I doodled on a piece of scrap paper what pattern I wanted to do. You want to choose something that you can easily repeat or this project would go from being an hour to 3. I choose to go with a simple arrow pattern, I feel like arrows and polka dots are probably the easiest. Now remember, the key here isn't perfection, but to personalize so every arrow and placement doesn't need to be perfect! My first finished piece looked like this:

After all your sheets are completed I recommend letting the sharpie set for a couple minutes. This isn't a necessary step but I knew that to install the paper I would be rubbing it a lot and I didn't want to risk anything smudging. Then you just peel off the backing and place it on each wall of the cupboard like a giant sticker! I found it easiest to peel off half the back and use a debit card to smooth it down as I went to ensure no air bubbles. Once the back and bottom were done it was looking so cute and I contemplated for a brief moment to stop there. Then I remembered I just spent 30 minutes drawing arrows and that I didn't want to waste those sheets (or that time haha). But you could definitely stop here if you wanted to!

Once I was finished I was really happy with how it turned out. It really cleaned up the look of the inside of the cupboard and his little dipes and wipes look great in there now. This project was so simple and literally cost me 6.99 and a little bit of time (I already had the sharpie haha). I hope you guys enjoyed this little tutorial!

Lauren Elizabeth

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