Hello world and welcome to my little corner of the internet. I have been talking about starting this blog for a long time and I am so glad it is finally up and running. It's funny, you know how sometimes you feel like you are saying something a lot but not actually doing it? Like the intention is there but you are finding yourself being more of a "say-er" then a "do-er"? Well that was how I was feeling.

Lets just put it out there, I tend to ramble, especially about things I am passionate about but I can't help it- that's me. I seriously love home decor and design, like love. I find myself getting overly excited on Pinterest and reading other blogs that sometimes my creative mind goes so crazy that I have to close the Ipad and take a moment haha. I think out of everyone, my husband is the most excited that I have started this blog as he can only talk so much about design and what throw pillows look best on our living room couch. I am really looking forward to connecting with all of you, and it's great that I now have a platform where I can share thoughts with people that share the same interests as I do. So stay tuned for some upcoming posts and thanks for stopping by!


Lauren Elizabeth

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